Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had a few disciples even before he made his claims, or before he published Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya vol. 1.  One such disciple was Munshi Ahmad Jan of Ludhiana, who is also called Sufi Ahmad Jan of Ludhiana at different places in Ahmadiyya literature.  The Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya was a stupid book, MGA lied about it when he begged Muslims for money to fund it.  The Muslims of India gave MGA lots of money, since they expected MGA to write 300 arguments in support of Islam.  By the publishing of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya vol. 4, MGA was considered a Kafir by most Muslims in India. It should also be noted that during the Bait ceremony of 1889, MGA was staying at the house of the same Sufi Ahmad Jan (see Dard page 203).  By that time, Sufi Ahmad Jan had died, however he had instructed his children to accept the MGA’s claims as soon as he made them.  This proves that MGA was planning to make his claims as early as 1879.  Mirza Masroor Ahmad tells us that he begged MGA to claim to be the “Messiah”, See Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s Khutbah Juma, of 4-17-2005 at the mark.

Pir Manzur Muhammad was a son of Sufi Ahmad Jan of Ludhiana
In the early part of 1906, Pir Manzur Muhammad agreed to allow his daughter (the grand daughter of Sufi Ahmad Jan) to marry MGA’s youngest brother-in-law (Mir Muhammad Ishaq).  In his exchange, MGA blurted out a prophecy guaranteeing a son to Pir Manzur Muhammad, however, the prophecy failed.

A quotation from Sufi Ahmad Jan from the 1880–1884 era
“””Sufi Sahib’s farsightedness is evident from the fact that when the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) wrote ‘Baraheen e Ahmadiyya’ Sufi Sahib realised that he was going to go on to become the Promised Messiah although God had not yet revealed it to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (on whom be peace) that he was going to go on to make any claim. Sufi Sahib wrote an Urdu poetic couplet to Hazrat Mirza Sahib in a letter: ‘We, the ailing look up to you alone, For God’s sake be the Messiah!’ God had told him about the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) therefore before passing away Sufi Sahib advised his children to accept Hazrat Mirza Sahib when he made his claim.”””

See here—

Munshi Ahmad Jan gave MGA a good review of the Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 1(1880) and 2 (1880), even though it was a terrible set of books
Ahmadis lie about everything.  This is another case of exactly that.  They present a reference from Sufi Ahmad Jan (who was already a disciple of MGA) wherein he writes good things about MGA’s book.  Zafrullah Khan, in “Renaissance of Islam” (pages 28-30) tells us as follows:

“””That great personage, benefactor of mankind, source of benevolence and beneficence, personal proof of Islam, honoured above the commonalty and the nobility, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib, may his blessings endure, Chief of Qadian, in the district of Gurdaspur, Punjab, has written a book designated Braheen Ahmadiyya in Urdu, of which two parts have been published and the rest will continue to be published from time to time and will reach the subscribers in due course.

This book establishes the truth of Islam and of the Prophethood of Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and of the Holy Quran, through three hundred strong proofs of various types and refutes the Christian, Arya, Hindu, Brahmo Samaj and all other religions opposed to Islam, by means of convincing reasoning. The author has announced in the first part of Braheen e Ahmadiyya that if an opponent of Islam would set forth a refutation of all his arguments or half of them or even of one-fifth of them he would transfer the whole of his property, valued at ten thousand rupees, to him. This book completely frustrates all the opponents of Islam. and demonstrates the truth of Islamic teachings in such excellent manner that everyone realizes what a grand bounty are faith and Islam, and what a treasure is the Holy Quran, and what a grand verity is the faith of Muhammad. The verses of the Holy Quran that are quoted on their appropriate occasions in this book amount to two-thirds of the whole Quran. The book convinces the disbelievers, activates the indifferent, warns the neglectful, perfects the understanding of the believers, strengthens the roots of Islamic doctrines and wipes out the doubts that are expressed by the opponents of Islam. In this 14th century of Islam great confusion prevails among the followers of every religion. As someone has said, new disbelievers and new Muslims emerge every day. At this time a book was needed like the Braheen Ahmadiyya and a Reformer was needed like our revered master Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib who is ready to prove the claims of Islam to the satisfaction of its opponents.

The author of Braheen Ahmadiyya is not one of the common run of divines and spiritual preceptors, but has been specially commissioned by God and is a recipient of revelation. Hundreds of revelations and messages and prophecies and true dreams and Divine directions and glad tidings relating to this book and comprising intimations of triumph and Divine help and Divine guidance couched in various languages, such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and even English, though the author is not at all well versed in English, have been set out in this book, supported by the testimony of hundreds of opponents of Islam, which establishes their truth and proves that the author is doubtlessly writing this book under Divine instruction. It is also clear that, according to the hadees of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, that Allah, Lord of Glory and Honour, would raise among the Muslims at the beginning of every century one who would revive the faith, the author of this book is the Reformer of the 14th century and is a profound scholar and is one of the most perfect individuals of the Muslim community. This is also supported by another hadees of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, wherein he is reported to have said: The true divines among my followers will be like the prophets of Israel.””””

Zafrullah Khan doesn’t give a reference for this statement
Most Ahmadis are academically dishonest, they have to be stubborn like this to continue to believe in Ahmadiyya, there is no other way.

His biography from Ahmadiyya sources
In the July–Sept edition of Ismail, which is an Ahmadiyya newspaper, it is written as follows:
“””Hadhrat Sufi Ahmad Jan of Ludhiana was a pious soul, totally imbued with obedience,
loyalty and adoration of The Promised Messiah (as). In fact he was an embodiment of loyalty. His adoration and devotion to the Promised Messiah (as) dated back long time before the Promised Messiah‘s messianic claim. Later, by openly affirming the Promised Messiah’s claim, he let himself be counted as one of his believers. After a chance reading of Promised Messiah’s elegant book” Braheen-e- Ahmadiyya”, he immediately realized his high spiritual status, and adoringly implored him in one of his famous couplets the translation of which is, “we, the afflicted, implore you to be our Messiah”.

Hadhrat Sufi Sahib was a nati ve of Delhi. During the disturbances of 1857, he migrated to Ludhiana along with his family. He was a saintly and pious soul with a captivating personality and a great God fearing contented person. He had a large number of pious souls of Sunni persuasion as his followers.

Though Sufi sahib died before the Promised Messiah (as) began taking oath of allegiance
from the faithful, he adored The Promised Messiah despite the fact that some of his followers hinted that he was degrading his status by openly praising The Promised Messiah. He replied to them, saying, that he did not care about his status nor did he need any followers. After the publication of “Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya”, if somebody approached him to join his order, he would
tell them, now that the sun has risen; all stars stand pale, go and follow Mirza Sahib (i.e. The
Promised Messiah). (Inaa-maat-e- Khudawand Karim: By Pir Iftikhar Ahmad)

The Promised Messiah (as), grieved by his demise, wrote, “ i am writing this with a heavy heart as one of my dear brother in Islam has expired, May Allah grant him a high station in the Hereafter. Inna Lillah-e-Wa – Inna Alaih-e- Raje-Oon. I feel very distraught at his sudden
parting. Hajji Sufi Ahmad Jan was a spiritual leader of a large number of people”.

Sufi Sahib died before the Promised Messiah (as) had begun taking the oath of allegiance from the faithful. But Sufi sahib, by writing to Promised Messiah prior to his embarking on journey for hajj, wrote to him in such a meek and humble way, which is tantamount to his joining the Ahmadiyya community wholeheartedly. “His eldest son Hajji Iftikhar Ahmad, following his father’s footsteps follows me very loyally”, commented the Promised Messiah (as). In spite of his resigned style of life, he is always ready to serve the religion in any way he can. May Allah bless his mind and soul to tread solemnly on the way of the faith”. (Izala-e-Auham; Roohani Khaza-in; Vol: 3; Pages528-529).

His daughter (Sughra Begum) was married off to Noorudin in 1889
Ahmadiyya sources tell us that that the daughter of Sufi Ahmad Jan was married off to Noorudin in March of 1889, before MGA’s bait ceremony.  See “Hadhrat Maulvi Noorudin” by Zafrullah Khan, 2006 online edition, see pages 82-83.

Some additional data on the marriage
HAZRAT MOULVI SAHIB KEE SHADI LUDHIANA MAIN. After this letter things changed very fast, the rishta being seeked in the family did not accomplished, the detail of which we do not know.So Hazrat Masih Maoud wrote many many letters (to get a bride (rishtas) for noor uddin). And in the end, rishta was agreed with Sahib Zaadi Sughra Begum, daughter of Munshi Ahmad Jaan, (rishta kee tajweez pakee ho gai). And Hazrat masih Maood with hazrat Khalifa Awal and some friends went to ludhiana (shadi kee paraat lay ker ludhiana gaiy). After the nikah, they came back with the bride. This event took place before 7 March 1889.

Sughra Begum and Noorudin had 4 children
Daughter—Amatul Ha’i—DOB is unknown, was married off to Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa, in May of 1914, See Walter.  
Son—Miyan ‘Abdul Ha’i—Born February 15, 1899 also known as Abdul Haye, See Page 101
Son—Abdus Salaam
Son—Abdul Wahab
Son—Abdul Mannan Omar– He was born on 19 April 1910–28 July 2006

Amatul Ha’i died mysteriously in roughly the 1920’s.
Her children with Mirza Mahmud Ahmad is unknown.

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad and Amatul Hai had 3 children
1. Amatul Qayyum, daughter
2. Amatul Rashid, daughter
3. Mirza Khalil Ahmad, son

The whereabouts of these children are unknown.

Munshi Ahmad Jan aka Sufi Ahmad Jan of Ludhiana is counted in the famous 313 Ahmadis list of 1896
Yet another case of Ahmadiyya lying is as follows.  In 1896, MGA made a list of 313 followers of his, as he tried to imitate Muhammad’s (saw) 313 followers at the Battle of Badr.  However, MGA didnt mention his own wife, nor did he mention his children, however, in the list there are some people who are counted as 1-Ahmadi, however, they are listed “with wife”, hence, the list is over 313 by 1896 (See Dard pages 844-853).  Sufi Ahmad jan is listed as number 99 and his name is listed as Haji Munshi Ahmad Jan, Ludhiana.  His sons are also listed, See the word “Haji” in front of the 2 people from Ludhiana, they seem to be his sons.

A brief explanation of the 313 companions and why MGA and his team made this silly argument
“””Ahmadas also referred to the prophecy contained in Sh. Ali Hamza’s book, Jawahirul Asrar, (840 A.D.). The Holy Prophetsa said that the Mahdi would appear in a village called Kad‘a and that he would have a printed book in which the name of his companions would be written and that their number would be 313. Ahmadas gave a list of his 313 Companions in the book to
show that the prophecy was fulfilled in his person. (See Appendix I)”””. (See Dard, page 501, footnote).

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