In the last 10-15 years, over 20+ books by MGA and company have been translated into english, this seems to coincide with the Khilafat of Mirza Masroor Ahmad.  He seems to have ordered more books of MGA and company to be in english.  Obviously, all the prior Khalifas were against this.  Nonetheless, a new book was released just yesterday, its called, “Hujjatal-Islam” or “The Proof of Islam.  This book has been available in Urdu for 100+ years, however, I estimate that 99% of Ahmadis have never even tried to read it.  I will, in the below, give my notes…

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When the Athim prophecy was about to expire….

After Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s lost the debate with Athim, 3 of his followers left Ahmadiyya

Lekh Ram stumped MGA in his Face-to-Face discussion in 1885

On page 2, MGA and company go on to explain that they are receiving divine communication and help from Allah, and only prophets or muhaddaths’ can achieve such a thing.  As we all know, MGA denied claiming prophethood in 1891, as he made his claim, in fact, he denied it vigorously, since as all Muslims know, all prophets bring law or allowed to adjust portions of the law.  It was later in the 1900-1901 era wherein MGA and company concocted a new type of prophethood, a type that had never existed in any of the Abrahim faiths.  Let me clarify a bit further, in the Quran, Bible and Torah, all prophets were independent, i.e. they were chosen and raised by Allah and followed Allah, not other prophets, nor did any other prophet have the ability to make a follower a prophet.  In November of 1901, MGA and company invented the concept that an “ummati-nabi” was actually a real prophet, whereas before that, they called the “ummati-nabi” as impossible to become a real prophet.  Incidentally, this wasn’t full or properly explained til 1915, when Mahmud Ahmad wrote “Reality of Prophethood”.

They added an announcement to this book
This book contains a huge announcement, just like in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, and many other books.  This seems to be the main part of this book, its an announcement which is most likely also available in “Majmua-Ishtiharat”, wherein almost all of MGA’s announcements were published posthumously and most likely edited and etc.

MGA asked for 3 assistants and a written debate
I have always mentioned that MGA never had a verbal debate with anyone in his life, I am not talking about his private conversations with people while sitting in his office, aka Masjid Mubarak.  I am writing about the ability of anyone to express themselves intelligently in a verbal discussion.  Nonetheless, in this book…the correspondence between MGA and Dr. Clark is published and its obvious that MGA and company purposely requested assistants and a written debate.

MGA and company asked for a prayer duel and death prophecy
This is interesting….MGA and company write that there is normally no winner in these types of debates, they then propose the famous “death-prophecy”.  MGA’s team continue to ask for both parties to look for a “divine-sign”..and if it is proven as such….the other party must change religion.  This is silly….and proves what the Ahmadiyya-psyche is even today in 2017.  As we all know, the ahmadi-troll team is never willing to engage in any honest discussion on MGA, instead they want to look for divine signs and pray for the death of their critics.  In the end…they asked for a 1-year period in which to see this divine sign….and were urging for this condition.

MGA claims that only Ahmadis are true-Muslims
This is interesting….this seems to be MGA and company doing Takfir on other Muslims.  I am not sure what Urdu word is here….Nonetheless, Ahmadiyya were also doing “silent-Takfir” on Muslims in those days.

Another announcement vs. Batalvi
This book then shows us yet another announcement, obviously, the team of writers that worked for MGA had no content in any of their writings and filled up these books with announcement and letters and begging for money.  MGA insinuates that real-miracles are done by prophets and messengers, further, MGA is indirectly referring to himself as a prophet and messenger of Allah.

A letter vs. Abdullah Athim
Abdullah Athim told MGA that prayer-duels was to the effect, not proper etiquette for a Christian.  In fact, its not proper etiquette for a Muslim also.  However, MGA and company kept urging it.  They loved praying for the death of their opponents.

Other letters and conditions of the debate
This book then sets out other conditions of the debate and gives copies of additional correspondence.