On 15 June, 1974, Mirza Nasir Ahmad spoke to the Associated Press of America about the Rabwah-Ahmadi-terrorist-attack. It should be noted that the Sarghoda Police and the Samdani Commission were already conducting investigations and Mirza Nasir Ahmad was acting with contempt-of-court in mind as he gave a statement to the US media. Further, Zafrullah Khan was doing the same in the UK, as he lived the retired life, however, he was always working on behalf of Ahmadiyya, he also spoke to many newspapers in the UK and lied about what really happened in Rabwah and also blamed Bhutto for the attack.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Pakistan Times mentioned this also, and Mirza Nasir Ahmad should have been arrested

Mirza Nasir Ahmad seems to have been protected by the police department and government in this regard. If any other citizen of Pakistan, had spoke to the American Press and blamed his own Prime Minister for terrorism, and while an official investigation was going on, he would have immediately been arrested. However, since Mirza Nasir Ahmad was colluding with Bhutto to purposely get Ahmadis declared Non-Muslim, he was allowed to walk freely. And Ahmadis always complain about the police in Pakistan, however, most of the time, the police has always helped Ahmadis get away from crimes and etc.  So…thats ironic.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Quote
The Economist, London, June 15th, 1974, See also “The Times”, May 31st, 1975

“I am convinced that due to many reasons Prime Mnister Bhutto’s PPP has engineered the riots. One reason is that PPP wants to prop up its crumbling prestige by winning over the support of the extremists of other sects.  According to Nasir Ahmad, the members of his sect had sworn that when their property was being burnt to ashes, the Federal Security Force stood by as silent spectators.  Something to this effect was also alleged by Sir Zafrullah Khan, in his statement from London (see the daily Jasarat, Karachi, June 20th, 1974, also B.A. Rafiq from the World Press).  On the basis propaganda line given by Mirza Nasir and Qadiani missions abroad, the foreign press ascribed the Rabwah incident to Bhutto and Shah Faisal’s policy to “excommunicate Ahmadis.”  

The Economist stated: ‘Several months ago, when an Ahmadi was fired as Chief of Staff of the Air Force.  This said to have turned the Ahmadis against Bhutto and now cited by conspiratorial minded Pakistan as one of the motivations, the Prime Minister may have had for inciting the riots himself’

Another such incentive may have been provided by Pakistan’s oil rich Muslim brother; King Faisal of Saudi Arabia is said to have urged Mr. Bhutto at the Islam Summit in Lahore last February to deal with Ahmadis and even to have made Arab aid contingent on a ‘solution’ of the Ahmadi problem.  A follow up Muslim meeting at Jeddah in March pronounced the Ahmadis no Muslim, with the Pakistan delegation reluctantly acceding.  Pakistan’s religious parties have been stepping up anti-Ahmadi propaganda ever since”.
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