Ahmadis were given free reign in Africa by the British and later on the French. Ahmadiyya leadership was given access to the poorest parts of Africa and tricked many poor and ignorant Africans into converting to Ahmadiyya. See all of my essays here for more info:
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Abdul Rahman Bawa sahib, who currently lives in the UK, he went to Mali with some friends and was able to get 30,000 Ahmadis to revert to Islam.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In Africa, when a king converts, so does his flock

Unfortunately, in some of the older and traditional communities of Africa and India and many other places, when a leader of any village converts to any religion…the entire community also converts, in this case, Ahmadiyya mullahs were able to trick some king of some village-community in Africa and got them to convert to Ahmadiyya. However, they were eventually explained about Ahmadiyya and quit immediately.

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