As we all know, MGA stole Sir Syed’s position on almost every topic in Islam, and via Noorudin, who was once a follower of Sir Syed. Sir Syed denied the return of Esa (as) as well as the Mahdi. In fact, he denied all hadith reports on the Mahdi. MGA and his team seem to have been stealing his ideas on the Mahdi from Sir Syed, and wrote them out finally in 1890-1891, however, after they heard about the double eclipses of 1894…they changed their mind. It should be noted that #ahmadis believe in MGA as a prophet, thus, they consider any hadith that MGA’s likes as authentic, and any hadith that MGA didn’t like is inauthentic, irregardless of historic authenticity.
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[RK-3/379 Izala-e-Auham, See Ref P# 5b-39]

 admit the fact/idea that many Mahdis might have appeared previously too and it is possible that [some] may appear in the future too and it is possible that some Mahdi might appear with the name Imaam Muhammad but the manner in which the public has this notion [in their mind], there is no evidence for that.” 



page pdf 60/316
Narration no. 572

“Hafiz Noor Muhammed sb of Faizullah Chak wrote to me that hazrat sb (mgaq) said many times that I met nabi (last prophet) pbuh several times while I was awake and got confirmation of several ahadith from him directly which people considered weak or of lower standard.
Humble one staes that “meeting while awake” means KASHAF and mgaq used to say “there are several Ahadeeth which are considered weak by Muhaddaseen (hadees scholors) but in reality they are correct and right.”
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