Togo was an old French colony which is being used these days as a puppet state. About 20% of the population are Sunni Muslims (Maliki). We estimate that there are roughly 700 Ahmadi’s in the entire country. The first ever Jalsa-Salana was held in 2008. We have also located a few pics from their Facebook and see 3 Pakistani-Ahmadi murrabi’s.

Ahmadiyya places of worship?

There seem to be 3 very small Ahmadiyya places of worship.


The Baitul Aman Mosque
Location: Togo
Capacity: 175
Built: 2004

This is the 1st Ahmadiyya Purpose Built Mosque in Togo. Local conventions take place as well as Jalsa Serat-in-Nabi. The location of this mosque is yet to be confirmed.


The Atakpame Mosque,
Location: Atakpame, Togo
Capacity: 175
Built: 2008

This is an Ahmadiyya Mission House Mosque located in Atakpame, center of Togo. This Mosque serves as the national headquarters of Jamat Ahmadiyya Togo.


The Kpalime Mosque
Location: Kpalime, Togo
Capacity: 75
Built: 2016

This is an Ahmadiyya Mosque Mission House built in Kpalime, Togo. A town close to the Togo/Ghana border. This is the 3rd Ahmadiyya Purpose Built mosque in Togo. The foundation stone was laid by the regions missionary. This mosque will provide for corporate Ahmadiyya office works and worship of prayer.
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