I had recently mentioned in a FB posting that Ahmadiyya had a history of violence/eroticism. I wanted to briefly cover Ahmadiyya in the 1930’s, in terms of the sources and scenarios. So here goes:

In the late 1920’s, almost every British govt. official believed that Qadiani branch of Ahmadiyya would soon seek to create a state of their own (see “History of Ahmadiyya”, vol. 7, page 414). Mr. Obrein made his personal thoughts known to most of the British leaders of the Punjab (see page 169). In fact, the Ahmadi khalifa met the Governor of the Punjab, Sir W.M. Hailey and told him about his ideas of globalization. Mahmud Ahmad was very bold in those days and felt like the British govt was his partner in crime. The facts that I will play out in the next few paragraphs proves my point.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Even Spencer Lavan wrote as follows:

“These short articles written in the ROR of 1922, were but one example of the inconsistency which Qadiani-Ahmadi was to employ in its response to various issues that arose during the next 15 years…..” (see page 306)

As the early 1930’s approached, the governor of the Punjab was Herbert William Emerson (see page 268). He had many issues with the Ahmadiyya movement and their modus operandi. In those days, it was impossible to publicly criticize the Ahmadiyya Movement. The Majlis Ahrar, which was a political movement, they had lots of beef with Ahmadis in this same era and had resolved to conduct a conference in Qadian during the winter of 1934. Governor Emerson approved of the Ahrar conference in the vicinity of Qadian in 1934 and stunned the Ahmadi Khalifa. The governor assured the Ahmadi Khalifa that he would take care of the security of Qadian, however, the Ahmadi Khalifa still sent out letters to the various branches of Ahmadiyya in British India and asked for young men to be sent to Qadian to patrol the streets, since there was no police department. This seems to have angered the governor. He ordered that all visitors of Qadian (see the 6th paragraph from the bottom) be recorded and that every Friday Khutbah of the Khalifa to be recorded and sent to him for review (see page 270). This is a very strange reaction by the Governor of the Punjab, his motives are unknown. However, the Ahrar conference took place and Ataullah Shah Bukhari delivered its keynote speech. Ataullah Shah Bukhari was then promptly arrested for anti-government speech. It should be noted that Muhammad Zafrullah Khan was a close friend of Governor Emerson and even had taken his mother to meet with Governor Emerson’s wife in an attempt to secure support for the Ahmadiyya movement. Bukhari was sentenced to 6 months. He did fight his case on appeal, wherein Justice Khosla reviewed the judgement of the high court and commented as such:

“In order to enforce their argument and further their cause they called into play weapons weapons which would ordinarily be termed highly undesirable.  They not only intimidated the person who refused to come with their fold with boycott and ex-communication and occasionally threats of something worse, but they frequently fortified the process of proselytizing by actually carrying out these threats.  A volunteer corps was established at Qadian with the object, probably of giving sanction to these decrees”

“To propagate their ideas and to expand the number of their community, those people (the Mureeds of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad) started using such weapons and methods which are generally considered objectionable.  So that those persons who refused to tow their line, were subjected to (social and economic) boycott and expulsion (from the town or community), and at times, they were threatened by dire and ghastly consequences.”  (see PDF 593/623).
Controversy with Allama Iqbal

In 1934, while Ahmadiyya was beefing with the Ahrar, they were also beefing with Allama Iqbal, most of the controversy was over how Mahmud Ahmad was using his involvement with the Islamic struggle in Kashmir to get converts to Ahmadiyya. The Ahmadiyya Movement was involved in politics and even got Muhammad Zafrullah khan added to the Viceroy’s Executive Council in 1935.
Government documents about Emerson and how the 2nd Khalifa had a personal beef against him

See page 195/356.


Ahmadiyya is violent and aggressive. Its also a family business with many splinter sects. They are always looking to make their past-history disappear, they have edited their books and try to make it look like they are peaceful, however, as we all know, this is simply not the case. Ahmadis are just as violent as the normal segment of the population of Pakistan, or India, Indonesia and etc etc etc.

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