As we all know, Rabwah was albeit given to Ahmadis for almost free in 1948. Zafrullah Khan made this deal behind the scenes, and in collusion with his Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, in fact, this may have been the sole reason that the Khalifa was willing to move from Qadian, India. Nonetheless, I have a newspaper clipping from the Pakistan-Times, June 20th, 1974. This report in this newspaper proves that it was a fraudulent deal and never should have happened. Nonetheless, Ahmadis benefited immensely from this land-grant.  Further, he also mentioned that the Ahmadis of Rabwah had been getting from the govt. in terms of development and should be audited.

Rabwah is on a 99-year lease, which expires in 2048
I will post more info on this soon, however, the Khalifa and company signed a 99-year lease and were able to build their cult from a headquarters. They began selling land to Ahmadis on sub-lease and filled their bank accounts with the money of dedicated Ahmadis. Later on, they took this money and stored it in Panama and were caught.
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“””Nawab Iftikhar Ahmad Ansari, a member of the Pakistan Bar Council and ex-member of the West Pakistan Assembly, on Wednesday filed a petition before the Tribunal inquiring into the Rabwah incident praying for permission for placing on record documents pertaining to the grant of Rabwah land to the Anjuman-a-Ahmadia.  

The petitioner maintained that grant of 1,033 acres, seven kanals, and eight marlas of land for Rs. 10,340 by the Governor of the Punjab to the chief of the Anjuman could not be made under the Colonisation of Government Lands Act. He submitted that the transfer of proprietary rights in respect of land in the garb of grant/lease was an abuse of the process of law and the authority vested in the granter. He prayed the Tribunal that the document dated June 22, 1948, containing conditions for the transfer of land and relevant file be examined and placed on record. He also sought a detailed report in respect of public money utilised for development in Rabwah from time to time.  

The Tribunal allowed him to place the document on record.””””

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Rabwah is on a 99-year lease, which expires in 2047, just 26 years left


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