MGA was always favored by the British government, in fact, he was always given a chair when he went to court, whereas all other indians were forced to stand, moreover, the white people never even considered Indians as humans, since in terms of trains, white people never traveled in the same car as Indians.  Nonetheless, I have produced in the reference in the below wherein Dr. Basharat Ahmad explains how the British govt. intervened and kicked Batalvi out of Ludhiana and hence ended his debate with MGA.  Further, it is interesting to note that MGA barely had 5 debates in his entire career, this was one the earliest, and it was never a fair debate, since the British police were on the scene, protecting MGA and his team.  Further, MGA and his team would have been killed if it wasnt for the British govt.  This kept happening over and over again…read this entry about MGA in 1904 and a riot.

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The collaboration and cooperation between British colonial empire and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani has not been a secret issue. Mirza, in his book, himself states that he was planted by Britishers.

However, Ahmadi mullah either don,t accept this or do interpret this differently to creat polarisation so that the lies remain hidden from the eyes of simple ahmadi fellows.

Dr. Bashaarat Ahmad a Lahori Qadiayni, while describing the 13 days long debate between MGAQ and Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, held on 20 July, 1891 at Ludhiana, states that there developed a situation of Law and Order in Ludhiana after the debate. The British govt ordered Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and his fellow Ulema to leave the city of Ludhiana immediately. British Deputy Commissioner deputed one deputy and In charge Police Station Ludhiana to execute the orders who physically expelled Molana and his friends from Ludhiana.

On the contrary No such orders were issued against Mirza Qadiyani. Mirza made some correspondence with Britishers, but, perhaps for the fear of opponents, he moved to Amritsar at his own. Dr.Basharat writes that In Amritsar Mirza Qadiani received a letter from Deputy Commissioner Ludhiana that the expel orders were for Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, not for you. You may stay at Ludhiana. Author has reproduced letter as under:-

From the court of W Chevys
Deputy Commissioner Ludhiana,

To Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Raees e Qadiyani sb Salamat,

Your letter dated yesterday was perused and heard and in response it is mentioned that subject to law, you have got the same rights available to stay at Ludhiana, as are available to other law abiding subjects of British Government.

Signature Sahib Deputy Commissioner Bahadur,
Dated 06 August 1891.
Molana Muhammad Hussain filed appeals for this discrimination at Lahore but no body heard him.

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