Ahmadiyya leadership wants all of their critics silenced and labelled as terrorists, Ahmadi troll teams are thus working around the clock on this project.  The Khatme-Nubuwwat organization is a registered non-profit organization in the USA, with no ties to terrorism, they have been investigated by the FBI and the IRS.  However, Ahmadiyya “extremists” like Kashif Chaudhry are hell bent on getting all of Ahmadiyya’s critics labelled as terrorists.  In this case, they seem to have been tipped off by Ahmadi trolls about this fundraiser, which was held at a Holiday-Inn Hotel in Virginia and then attended as “under-cover”, just like Kashif did a few years ago in the UAE.  They were there to dig up dirt on the “Khatme-Nubuwwat” organization, however, they failed.

No Ahmadis were hurt at this event
Ahmadis have always been invited to all Khatme Nubuwwat events since these 2 organizations began their beef in the 1930’s.  Back then, they were called the Majlis e Ahrar.  Kashif Choudhry who is all over the internet as a “fanatical-Ahmadi” even told lots of Muslims at the event that he is an Ahmadi.  However, nothing happened.  This proves that Ahmadis lie on social media about their plight in Pakistan, they are allowed to attend any event by any group of Muslims in Pakistan, and will not be hurt.  However, Ahmadis keep spreading their fake “persecution” propaganda.

Kashif Chaudhry is bold
This guy is a fanatic and the reason is, his family is in jail for defying Pakistan’s Ord-XX.  He wants to die on behalf of Ahmadiyya.  Someone please stop him.  Lots of Ahmadis are suicidal in this way, they were raised in the 1980’s when Mirza Tahir Ahmad was radicalizing all young Ahmadis.