Mir Nasir Nawab was the second father-in-law of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. While MGA’s family was busy helping the British kill “Indian-mutineers”, the fate of Mir Nasir Nawab’s family was quite the opposite. We have recently uncovered writings from Mir Nasir Nawab’s famous controversial biography, “Hyat-e-Nasir“, which was written by Yacub Ali Irfani (editor of the Al-Hakam magazine, which was the first Ahmadi newspaper), and published just a few years after Mir Nasir Nawab died.
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On page 3&4 of the book HAYAT E NASIR Mir Nasir Nawab says:-

“A grave situation developed for muslims of India in mutiny of 1857 , English Army revolted against King of India and besieged Delhi (capital of India) Residents of Delhi were upset with this sudden attack. Anarchy prevailed all over no law and order existed in the city. Every body feared for life and wealth.

British artillery starts shelling the city. Heavy shelling continued day and night destroying many housed causing casualties. After a few days Delhi was occupied by Britishers. The Britishers unleashed an era of great atrocities, revenge and brutalities. Thousands of innocent Muslims were hanged to death,their families were displaced.

This humble self (Mir Nasir Nawab) had to flee from Delhi with family to stay at a Mansion near Qutab ki Lat some 11 km from Delhi. After few days when i was sitting in that Mansion suddenly Harson sahib a white Military Officer broke into house and killed all male members of the house with a gun shot. Those who survived were killed with swords. Many of our relatives were died. Then he ordered to leave the place which we did,we left behind dead bodies of our men without funeral. We reached Basti Nizamuddin in the dark of night where we kept crying for our dead.”

On the contrary Mirza in his book SITARA QAISARIYA at page 5& 6 makes flattery of British Queen in the following words:-

“O blessed Queen may God bless u with the salvation. Your ruling time is full of light. O Queen in your rule children play with snakes, Lion and goat drink water from same stream. your govt is full of justice. I pray for u from god to keep the umbrella of your government upon our heads for ever. Mirza says he has published more than 50000 books in support of queen”.
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