I have written about this fanatic before.  He was radicalized by Mirza Tahir Ahmad in the 80’s, further, his father is an Ahmadi-mullah, and many of his uncles have been jailed for breaking the law in Pakistan, in terms of Ord-XX and other behaviors of fanatical Ahmadis like purposely distributing Ahmadi books, when they know its against the law in Pakistan.

Professor Jonathan AC Brown’s recent post
On 11-25-17 he writes:

“””For those of you interested, what I find totally beyond the pale with Ahmadi PR operators like Kashif Chaudry is that they call Muslims takfiris for doing no more that following the consensus position of all Sunni and Shiah scholars. And we all know what it means when you’re called a takfiri in the West: surveillance and perhaps even referral to some CVE/Prevent program. So if you want to avoid this accusation, you have to go against the agreed-upon position of ALL Muslim scholars. How is this an honest attempt at dialogue? It’s bullying of the worst kind, denigrating the highest form of discourse by intimidating it with the most clumsy and thoughtless forces within reach.”””

“””I blocked Kashif Chaudhry because he repeatedly threatened to “out” people as “extremists” for not accepting Ahmadis as Muslims and also threatened to publish photos of them with other people to drag those people into his net of defamation as well. I could tell he was a lowlife because I have a good sleeze-dar (when someone keeps trying to meet you for coffee despite the fact that they are calling you terrible names, it’s not a good sign). I hope he improves his conduct and can rejoin polite society.”””

“””My response to Kashif Chaudry’s latest Ahmadi doorstepping (Will you condemn xyz Muslims for exercising their Constitutionally protected freedom of religion?!): Kashif, stop playing dumb. As I’ve said numerous times, if you and other Ahmadis go around calling people ‘Takfiris’ for just following what is the CONSENSUS Of Sunni and Shiah ulama, saying that Sunni extremism is the cause of Islamophobia, going on Fox News with ROBERT SPENCER (!) to say how mosques need to be surveiled (Yes, I saw that Ahmadi rep doing that), in short, using the climate of Islamophia to try to bully Muslims into accepting Ahmadis, you will continue to get the same reaction: total rejection. The merits of your case aside, your conduct is nauseating. I have never seen a Shiah scholar of any repute or any Shiah organization throw Sunnis under the bus the way you and other Ahmadi reps do regularly. If you want to be Muslim, take the hits like the rest of us and stop throwing law-abiding Muslims under the bus to advance your own mainstreaming-in-America agenda. I won’t have a dialogue with you because you are not interested in discussion. You’re interested in getting the hegemonic, Islamophobic, security-state public space to threaten Muslims into accepting Ahmadis. Do it on your own time, not mine.”””