Mirza Ghulam Ahmad announced in 1879 that he was raising money for his arguments in support of Islam (see Dard, it is unclear where these were published, by what newspaper?). The book was finally published some time in 1880. Ahmadiyya leadership lies and claims that the book was already fully written and MGA only published a portion of it. The reality is that MGA had ghost-writers at this time, he thus dictated the contents of this book and seems to have had help from friends like Sufi Ahmad Jan and a few others. In the BA2, MGA quoted 18:109 (18:110, in the Ahmadi quran)(see also 31:27, the verse is identical) and says that “”Say, ‘If the ocean became ink for the words of my Lord, surely, the ocean would be exhausted before the words of my Lord came to an end, even though We brought the like thereof as further help.’. Thus, MGA was arguing from the Quran that Allah will continue talking (prophethood) to Muslims until the Day of Judgement and this Islam was superior to all other religions. In volume 3, MGA quoted 9:32, and essentially was claiming prophethood for himself.

There were many announcements about this book. In 1908, Miraj-ud Din Umar wrote a short biography about MGA in this book also, which was removed in future editions. Mi‘raj-ud-Din’s biography (1908) is also quoted by Walter in the 1916-1918 era as he wrote his lengthy review of MGA’s and his Ahmadiyya Movement (see pages 14-15).

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the classic punjabi fraudster. He had promised the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent 300 arguments in favor of Islam in roughly 1878. However, he only delivered one argument, and that argument was his claim of prophethood, which immediately got him declared as a Kafir by the ulema in India.

The Ahl-e-Hadith Muslims of North India tore up the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya and sent it back to Qadian in that state (1884-1885 era), these were the Muslims who had invested heavily in the publishing of the Barahin. MGA stopped at one argument and even that was incomplete, see the quote in the below. In 1886, in Surmah Chashmay Arya, MGA again asserted that the Barahin was ready to be published, however, funds were needed. For the next 20 years, this promise remained broken. In 1906-1907 (See Haqiqatul Wahy), MGA and his team of writers of spoke about the creation of Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5. However, it was not completed or published in MGA’s life.

After MGA died, Noorudin (who was the main ghost writer) wrote BA-5 and had it published in October of 1908, he added that MGA promised 50 volumes and 50=5. MGA didn’t write this at all. In fact, BA-5 isn’t even a continuation of BA 1-4, it is altogether a new book and in-fact contains 3-4 small booklets which were mashed together to create BA-5, one of which is Nusrat ul Haq and at least 40 pages of nonsensical poetry.

In 1916, M. Ataur Rahman translated 8 pages of Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya, Part 1-2 into english via the ROR of June-1916. This would correspond to pages roughly 127-139. The ROR of March-1932 has about 6 pages translated into english, this would correspond with page 134 of the online english edition.


Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 1-4 was re-published in 1900 (see BA3, online english edition, see page 1), the third edition was published in 1905. Most of the announcements were added in 1900 and 1905.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Where was it published?

The proprietor of the press wherein the BA1–4 was published was a Christian gentleman named Rajib Ali (See ROR, english, November 1912, page 475). It was thus published from the Safir-e-Hind Press, Amritsar.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________There was also a small biography of MGA in the BA1-2, added in 1908 and removed afterwards
This biography was totally omitted from the BA1-2 after this first edition.

Supplement to BA1, Vol. 1 by M’erajuddin Umar, page 82, as quoted in “Qadianism, a critical study” by Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi, 6th edition of 1980, online edition

“”This humble slave (the author of BA) has been appointed by the glorious almighty to strive for the reform of God’s creatures and to show to the ignorant the straight path (which leads to true salvation and by following which the light of heavenly existence and of divine pleasure and graciousness can be experienced even in this world) in the manner of the Israelite Prophet of Nazareth (messiah) with utmost humility and self-denial, self-abasement and gentleness. It is for this purpose that Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya has been written, of which 37 parts have been published. Its summary is to be found in the announcement enclosed with this letter. But since the publication of the whole book would require a long time, it has been decided that this letter along with the English announcement should be published and one copy of each sent to the honourable priests of the Punjab, India and England and other countries wherever possible””


“””Ghulam Ahmad loved sugar-candy very much. He also suffered from urinary trouble. He stuffed his pocket with pieces of dry clay (which were used to clean excrement) presuming they were nuggets of sugar-candy. This shows how be relished the candy. Sometimes he gobbled clay-pieces taking them to be sugar”” (‘See Ahwal.ul-Ghulam, Compiled by Mirajuddin in the supplement to Baraheen-i-Ahmadiyya, Vol. I, p.67)(See also “Qadiyaniat, an Analytical Survey” by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, 21st edition, 1984).
The announcements were added later to make the book seem bigger

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad starts off his career as a book-writer by inserting an announcement in BA-Vol. 1. This announcement tells how MGA is in so much of a difficulty in getting this book published, MGA complains of the cost and etc etc etc, however, MGA could have used his own money to fund this book and thus solved all of these problems. However, as we know, MGA never spent his own money, he always spent other people’s money.

MGA then proceeds to give a list of donors. MGA goes on to write 9 pages of begging for money and additional names of donors. MGA had promised 300 arguments in support of Islam, however, he has just wasted 20+ pages with silly announcements and etc.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The first few pages of this book are in Arabic

Hani Tahir explains how the introduction to the BA1-2 was initially in arabic (at the 15:04 mark). This can be found in the new online english edition, they have also given a english translation. However, they don’t indicate how this is an arabic rambling, MGA most likely had an arabic scribe write this for him, wherein MGA dictated.

The arabic script 
“”””In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Holy are You. How vigorous is Your argument! All Greatness belongs to You. All Might belongs to You. The whole world is weak; all power belongs to You. You are the One, Independent and Besought of all who is Unique in
the essence of Your Being and Unique in Your grace and munificence. Your wisdom is great; Your argument has become evident; Your bounty has been perfected; Your mercy encompasses all. You are far above every defect and shortcoming. Your station is beyond all disgrace and dishonour.

You alone are unique and peerless in respect to the exaltedness of Your Being and perfection of Your Attributes. You are free from every trace of weakness and shortcoming. We praise You for Your favour upon us in sending down a Book in which there is no doubt, no error, no omission. You have revealed with it, for us error-prone ones, the way of truth, knowledge and wisdom. You have guided us by Your grace, generosity and beneficence. Without Your guidance, O Gracious Lord, we would be lost.

We beseech You to send down Your blessings on Your Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, through whom You saved us from the path of misguidance and transgression and delivered us from the darkness of sightlessness and deprivation. He it is who caused the True Faith to prevail over every other faith. His followers are cleansed of every kind of shirk [polytheism], innovation and transgression. His shariah excels in every verity, wisdom and proof. He is the devoted servant whom You created for Your love and [for establishing] Your Oneness. You
made the remembrance of Your holiness and Your glory dearer to him than his own self. You sent him as the ‘Mercy for all the worlds,’ a living argument against the disbelievers, a shining lamp for seekers after truth, a beckoner towards Allah for those who are in search of truth,
a bearer of glad tidings for believers and a perfect man for everyone to behold. He brought the Book that encompasses all laws based on wisdom and guides towards the realization of all spiritual blessings. He perfected the intellectual and practical faculties of many, adorning them with morals that please God, and cleansed them of the impurities of human nature. Thus, through his teachings, they excelled in all branches of true and certain knowledge, and were enraptured in their love for God, the One, and became eager to behold His Holy Countenance and His Holy Manifestations. O Allah! Send Your blessings upon him and all his brethren—the Messengers and Prophets— and upon his blessed and virtuous progeny, and upon his righteous and truthful Companions.”””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Then, MGA inserts his silly poetry. 20 pages of persian poetry. And no arguments in support of Islam.

In MGA’s poetry, his claim of being equal to Muhammad (saw) exists
This is very interesting, in MGA’s poetry, he writes about prophets, and how prophets are sent to all people and the need for prophets and etc etc.

“””He is Ahmad of the latter days,..”
Ahmad of the latter days?

Who is the Ahmad of the latter days? See, in this instance, MGA is actually referring to himself as the Muhammad (saw) of the latter days. MGA goes on to make arguments for the importance of divine revelation—in other words, he is making a case for his own divine revelations.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________MGA then writes a 2-page essay on his arguments–with huge FONT

Since MGA is a terrible writer at this point in his life, he proceeds to use HUGE FONT as he writes a 2-page diatribe on “arguments” and how someone should respond to his arguments and etc etc. Its really nonsense.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Then the book ends

This entire book is garbage, MGA filled it up with his silly poetry and announcements, there is no content.


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