As we continue to sift through the books of Ahmadiyya we find inconsistencies and cover-up jobs by the Ahmadiyya mullah team. In this specific instance, we have found inconsistencies in terms of MGA’s marriage to Nusrat Jehan Begum. Remember, MGA was impotent, there is a story from Ashab-e-Ahmad which tells how MGA went to Delhi, got married, and luckily, his new wife was on her period. Shaikh Hamid Ali, a famous toilet attendant of MGA relates the entire story in Ashab-e-Ahmad. A video here also explains the whole story in urdu.

In the below, we have presented “Seerat Nusrat Jehan” which was written by the famous Shaikh Yaqub Ali Irfani. It was published on November 25, 1943.

Per history, in 1923, Nusrat Jehan told the world that she married MGA in 1302 Hijri, which is anywhere from Oct-21, 1884 to Oct-10, 1885 (See Seerat ul Mahdi, page 44). In 1927, the Ahmadiyya Movement told the world via Hyat-e-Nasir that MGA married his daughter in 1885. However, by 1943, the story had changed, they were now claiming that MGA got married in 1883. Dard changed it again in 1947 and gave the year as 1884.

It seems that Nusrat Jehan told the world that she married MGA in 1302 Hijri, which is anywhere from Oct-21, 1884 to Oct-10, 1885 (See Seerat ul Mahdi, page 44). 

Hyat-e-Nasir states that the marriage happened in 1885

Hyat e Nasir and on page 8, says that nikah was performed in 1885. So that is the reason, Irfani who is on the qadiani side, correcting the record by saying that, “mir sahib said that it was 1885 but the correct date is 1883″ (see the footnote).

Seerat Nusrat Jehan page 205, they claim that the marriage happened in 1883 and secretly,
Seerat Nusrat Jehan was written by Irfani, who also wrote Hyat e Nasir.  Its the famous Shaikh Yaqub Ali Irfani.
Date of marriage

The scan of Seerat Nusrat Jehan
Per “Life of Ahmad” (2008)(1947), current online english edition

On page 133 it states that MGA was married in November of 1884, however, an exact date isn’t given.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Nusrat Jehan had a baby on On April 15th, 1886

Per Ahmadiyya records (dard, page 192), Nusrat Jehan gave birth to Ismat on 4-15-1886. If we assume that the marriage happened 10 months prior to this, we get July 1885 as the date of marriage. Ismat died of cholera in 1891, just a few months after MGA’s wildest claims.  

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