Ahmadiyya is a total fraud.  MGA and his family were all dummies and idiots who had no academic ability at all.  MGA’s precious “promised-son” aka Musleh Maud was a bad child, he never did anything good in his whole life, he lived the life of the son of a prophet, and indulged in women, men, drugs and everything Haraam.  In this specific reference, we have found Ahmadi-Mullahs admitting that they falsified records and passed Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad even when he failed in school.  He was a student at the newly built Talim ul Islam School at Qadian, which was shut down by 1904 and never officially re-started until 1947, in Lahore.

The story
Head Master Talimul Islam School Qadian says:

“Hazrat Masih e Maud has never been student of a teacher. Similarly, Hazrat Masleh e maud (Mirza Mahmood) was not a pupil of any teacher. No doubt he was educated in the school. I have taught him when I was a head master of the school and Molvi Shair Ali was also a teacher there. He (MBMA) was studying in school at that time. He used to fail in each class exams still we promote him to the next class just because of the reason he was dear son of Hazrat Masih e Maoud. He took the exams of middle I went with him but he got failed then he sat in the entrance test again he failed.”

The scans

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