We all know how governments fund different programs and etc. For example, in the USA, ever since Trump took over, he has de-funded all programs that he seems to disagree with and has allocated funds in areas that he agrees with. In British-India, the british govt. supported all organizations that seemed to support colonialism. MGA’s father was heavily supported by the British Govt. and was seen as a major ally in the region. The British govt. always gave MGA a chair in court and always made MGA out to be innocent, even when he was obviously guilty. Even in 1904, MGA had clearly lost his case in court (the one time a hindu judge heard his case) and was due to be sentenced to prison, however, he made bail and won the case on appeal, since the appeals judge was a Britisher who knew about MGA and the promises that were made to his family. Moreover, the British governement gave MGA many months of personal security and coverage as MGA toured the Punjab in 1903–1905.

The ROR of June-1915 alleges that the buildings and site costed 75,000, oh which Ahmadi’s have given 40,000 rupees and the British Government the remaining 35,000. It reports that there are 400 students of which half are living in the attached hostel. Ahmadiyya sources claim that this school is an english school and attached to the accreditation of the Punjab University. The British Government is paying 400 rupees per month for the maintenance of these facilities. In fact, the attached hostel costed an additional 60,000 rupees, of which the British Government paid half, it is alleged that the Ahmadiyya Movement paid the other 30,000 rupees (which is a lie, the British most likely paid for everything). Carpentry and tailoring is also taught at this school.

The ROR of February-1916 reports that the Ahmadiyya missionary training Madrassa was opened in late 1914. It also reports that 400 children are currently enrolled at the Ahmadiyya High school. It claims that the Ahmadiyya Madrassa is an arabic and theology school combined. It also claims to be managed by the Sadr Anjuman at Qadian._____________________________________________________________________________________________The British government funded the Talim-ul-Islam High School in Qadian and much more

I came across a reference from the book “Nooruddin” by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, 2nd edition, online edition, 2006. This book seems to be a summary of the 4-5 books on the life of Nooruddin, those books remain in Urdu and will most likely never be translated, since they are soooo controversial. Finally, it is strange that Zafrullah Khan gives no reference for this data, anyhow, here is the relevant reference, see pages 201-202

“””The Ta‘limul Islam High School, Qadian was started in January 1898, and was making good
progress. The School and its hostel were both located in the town and were housed unpretentious sunbaked brick structures. In the very beginning of the Khilafat, need had been felt of erecting suitable spacious buildings for the school and hostel, together with a mosque outside the town. An area of fifty acres was acquired and the order of priority was laid down
as mosque, hostel and school. The mosque, named Masjid Nur, was built with funds acquired largely through the devoted efforts of Mir Nasir Nawab. In the first year of the Khilafat ten thousand rupees were collected for the hostel and a kiln was set up for baking bricks. Thirty thousand more rupees were needed for the hostel building. In May 1909, under the direction of Hadrat Khalifatul Masihra, an appeal for that amount was made to the community by Maulawi
Muhammad ‘Ali, and a committee composed of Sahibzada Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmadra, Dr. Sayyid Muhammad Husainra, Dr. Mirza Ya‘qub Baigra, Khawaja Kamal-ud-Din, Mutfi Muhammad Sadiqra, Shaikh Ya‘qub ‘Ali ‘Irfani and Maulawi Muhammad ‘Ali was appointed for the collection of funds. Hadrat Khalifatul Masihra made a personal contribution of six hundred rupees. In due course, the school building was also constructed, government
having made a grant-in-aid of twenty-five thousand rupees. Some time later a hospital was added through the continued efforts of Mir Nasir Nawab. It was named Nur Hospital. Another of his beneficent projects was the construction of a number of quarters for the indigent. In all this he was supported by Khalifatul Masih with prayers and financial contributions, and was held up by him as an example to others.””””
Talim-ul-Islam College—a historic perspective by Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan ALDAN, Piladelphia, PA 19018,USA

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Ahmadiyya missionaries are sent to Russia illegally in 1923-1924

The British Govt. donated 25,000 rupees for the Talim ul Islam High School in Qadian in 1909


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