MGA and his team dabbled with drugs at Qadian. MGA and his team loved opium, wine and other foods all mixed up, unfortunately they prayed their salaat in this condition, which is haraam. MGA’s wife, (Nusrat Jehan) started taking tonic wine immediately after Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was born in 1899. This is the famous case of MGA ordering tonic wine from Plommers shop in Lahore. In that same era, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was also given port wine, since he was sick. MGA also kept Saturnes wine. MGA and Noorudin would take wine and opium as needed, it was not a big deal. they gave it out like candy. MGA took coco wine also and Scottish Emulsion. There is another entry from Seeratul Mahdi wherein MGA was giving out alcohol also.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad used poison, opium and wine in his medicines too. This was all very normal for life at Qadian. Opium was another drug in heavy circulation at Qadian, and MGA never admitted to its usage, nor did MGA ever admit to having wine in his house.
Seertul mahdi Quotation 929

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