We have written about this before.  Hani Tahir has beautifully explained how MGA and his team prayed for the death of all of their opponents, and also called people names like “bitches” and etc.  MGA also prayed to his GOD that plague would kill on everyone on Earth and etc etc…

The evidence
1. Mirza Sahib wished for a Plague to spread in India. He wrote: “When there was no sign of the plague in Mumbai, I prayed for its inception and it took place. I mentioned this nine years ago in my book “Hamatul Bushra”, in a verse of the poem “And when immorality poured in abundance, I wished for a destructive plague”….i.e. when immorality spread, I prayed for the spreading of the plague. (Nozool Messiah, page 152)

2. He sees that the atrocities of the world are for him. He wrote: “One day, I decided to pray due to the extremity of the heat, so a thought came to my mind instantly, and that is that God does this for my sake. For if the plague was to be eradicated one day, and the earthquakes stopped, and if fruits were to become ripe again, the people will go back to slandering me. God says I will show your truth in strong clanks. These are his clanks, so why should I pray for it to cease? Our contentment is not associated with the contentment of the world, for everything that happens, is in our favour. (Badr volume 1, number 20, page 4-3, 17/08/1905)

3. He curses frequently. He wrote 11 pages of curses (by hand, totalling a thousand on paper) towards a Christian, and wrote many more tens of curses (by hand) to other muslims and hindu opponents. (Noorulhaq, pages 98-108)

4. He divorced his wife, and excommunicated his son for attending the marriage of a girl he wanted to marry. She was 12 years when he asked for her hand, while he was 52 years. (annoncment in 2/6/1891, vol 1)

5. He believes in killing apostates. He wrote: whoever among the muslims believes that the prophet (pbuh) committed a wrongful act, he is a disbeliever, and an atheist, and deserves the shariah ruling [Islamic punishment, i.e. death](Miraat Kamalat Islam, P108)

6. He mentioned a story pertaining to Abu Bakr burning those who did not pay the zakat, and endorsed it. (Sirrulkhilafa, P93)

7. He used to insult other religions and religious people. Here are some examples. He wrote about the christian Abdullah Atham: “He ceased at once from authoring books to defend the filthy teachings of Christianity, which he was preoccupied with.” (Anjam Atham, Page 13)

8. He wrote: Christianity occupies the first place in the whole world in dishonesty, those who did not even hesitate to treason in the divine books themselves; they also fabricated hundreds of false books, how can any noble person accept their words as prosecutors?” (Announcement at the end of 1892, No. 126, Announcements, Vol1)

9. He said while criticizing a person named “Charag Deen” who announced that he would reconcile Christianity and Islam: “We have no accord with Christianity, because it is all evil and wrong … How can we reconcile (with the Christians) while our religion and our holy book consider the entire Christianity to be filthy and evil?… Woe! He (Charag Deen) considered the disgusting Christianity in the same degree with Islam”. (Announcement dated 23/04/1902, Announcements, Vol2)

10. He wrote”: “By God, only we the (Muslims) are well settled on a very strong and high beacon, and everyone else is under our feet”. (Haqiqatul Wahi, Page 312)

11. He was insulting and degrading in his language. He said after mentioning his books he wrote before 1893: “Those books are seen by every Muslim with an eye of love and affection and they benefit from its knowledge, and accept me and believe in my claim, except the offspring of the prostitutes who God has set a seal on their hearts, they do not accept me.” (Altabligh, Page 100)

12. He addressed a Shiekh (Muslim) by saying: “By God, I won’t be considered a brave man in the Battlefield, if I don’t repeatedly Launch attacks on you, you son of a bitch (prostitute)”. (Minanu Alrahman, Page 57)

13. His hate towards other religions led him to say: “Some wicked sheikhs, who are of the ‘Jews nature’ (he means: Wicked or malicious), say to cover up the truth…those who conceal the truth and the justice testimony, because of their self-interests and desires; are in fact more filthy and disgusting. “O ye sheikh… Do not lie and do not eat the filth eaten by Christians”. (Anjam Atham, Page 193)

14. He said: “and the head of the impostors “Abdulhaq al-Ghaznawi” and his entire group, May God curse them a million times. He says in his filthy declaration with the utmost determination that this prophecy also was not fulfilled, O ye filthy impostor, that prophecy has been fulfilled indeed, but it is your fanaticism that makes you blind”. (Anjam Atham, Page 229)

15. He said “We also see it necessary at the end of this article to show that on contrary side of these dirty filthy impure people, who are determined to consider me an imposter (& non-Muslim), a lot of people have seen the holy prophet in dreams ….”. (Anjam Atham, Page 244)


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