Ahmadiyya INC is a dangerous organization like the Jehova Witnesses. Just like the JW’s, Ahmadiyya purposely and willfully mis-translate and mis-interpret their scripture, i.e. the Quran.  The first Ahmadi to write an Urdu translation of the Quran was the famous Ahmadi-apostate, Dr. Khan. He also wrote an english translation of the Quran in 1905. Since Dr. Khan left Ahmadiyya in 1906, his Tafsir was thrown out, thus, Ahmadiyya leadership had to write another official translation and commentary.

When the split happened, the famous Lahori-Ahmadi, Muhammad Ali was already working on an Urdu and English full commentary on the Quran. However, by 1914, it wasn’t officially done yet. He ended up finishing his commentary and getting it published in 1917Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, who was the Qadiani Khalifa at the time threatened to sue the Lahori-Ahmadi’s over the matter, and claimed that all of the commentary work that Muhammad Ali had performed actually belonged to him.  Khwaja Kamaluddin wrote a book about this in 1915.

Ahmadiyya Quran’s were spread all throughout the world
Ahmadiyya strategy has always been to flood the world with their literature and thus get converts.  Their main way of doing this was by publishing their Quran’s and then getting libraries to carry them.

What is in these quran’s?
Ahmadi’s want the world to believe that Esa (As) is dead…and this is their main strategy, if they could, they would burn all the quranic commentaries which imply that Esa (As) hasn’t died yet and thus kill this historical fact within Islam.  These Quran’s contain many other Ahmadiyya ideas, like the continuation of prophethood and etc etc etc.

We have found a Qadiani english commentary on the Quran from 1915
English Translation Mirza Mahmood (1)