Ordinance-XX of 1984, by the Pakistan government clearly stopped Ahmadi’s from preaching and creating disturbances, it was orchestrated by Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who wanted to move his headquarters to the UK anyways. Ahmadiyya leadership was clearly told that they couldn’t build any new mosques, this did not happen after 1974. Nonetheless, the Pakistan government didn’t ask the Ahmadiyya jamaat for a list of mosques, so, as a result of this, all Ahmadiyya mosques were never approached and adjusted per the law. The adjustment would be to remove the Kalima and the minarets from the mosque. Since this never happened, we hear of disturbances all the time from Pakistan wherein an Ahmadi place of worship seems to have been vandalized. However, these are cases of vandalism, they are cases wherein citizens have witnessed ahmadi places of worship that still have minarets and the Kalima, and the Ahmadi people refuse to remove them.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Why do Ahmadi’s refuse to remove minarets and the Kalima from their places of worship in Pak?

Ahmadi’s have been ordered to not comply with Ord-XX. They have been ordered by the vicious Mirza Tahir Ahmad to defy the law, even if it means dying or going to jail.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________A news report from the Express Tribune from 2013

This news report proves all of our arguments.

The full story from the Express Tribune

LAHORE: Police demolished minarets at an Ahmadi place of worship in Sialkot on Saturday, after a group of protesters threatened to do so themselves, The Express Tribune has learnt.

The police approached the community on Friday after a local cleric complained that three worship places for Ahmadis had features that resembled mosques, namely minarets and verses from the Quran written on the walls.

The minarets and verses were covered up, apparently to the police’s satisfaction, but a baying mob gathered at one worship place the next day and demanded that the minarets be torn down. The police did so. The group of protesters is now demanding that similar action be taken against two other worship places within a couple of days.

The cleric whose complaint led to the action told The Express Tribune that he had approached the police after he attended a Khatm-i-Nabuwwat Conference on September 7, marking the anniversary of the passage of anti-Ahmadi laws, where a speaker said that Ahmadis were not allowed to build minarets or use verses from the Quran at their places of worship.

Sections 298-B and 298-C of the Pakistan Penal Code outlaw Ahmadis from calling their place of worship a masjid, claiming to be Muslims or preaching their faith to others.

Mini minarets

Sialkot City Circle DSP Hamid Mukhtar, who led the police operation, said that the complaint had been filed by Abdul Hameed Chishti, a local cleric belonging to Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, who had demanded the removal of the minarets, verses and Kalma at three worship places.

Advocate Parvaiz Cheema, spokesman for the Jamaat-i-Ahmadiya Sialkot, said that they met with several police officers and district government officials and discussed the matter. They then visited the three worship places on Friday evening.

At the Baitul Zikr Ahmadiya in Sialkot Cantt, two two-feet high minarets at the entrance were hidden from view through the erection of a wall around them. At the main Ahmadi worship place in Sialkot, known as Kabutranwali Ibadatgah, the police were shown where Quranic verses and the name of the place – containing the term ‘masjid’ – had been painted over in the 1980s. The police, said Cheema, had objected that the paint was wearing off, so a fresh coat of white cement was applied. Two small minarets were also covered with cement.

At the Baitul Zikr Mubarik, they also covered the Kalma and Quranic verses with white cement. Cheema said that the police and district government officials had expressed satisfaction that the complaint had been addressed.

But on Saturday, a rally led by former Azad Jammu and Kashmir minister of religious affairs Sahibzada Hamid Raza stopped at Kabutranwali Ibadatgah and demanded that the minarets, covered by cement, be razed. They warned that they would do so themselves if they had to. The police complied with their demand.

DSP Mukhtar said that Hamid Raza and Chishti had led the rally at which hateful and provocative speeches against Ahmadis were delivered. He said that a report had been sent to high-ups and they would decide whether to take any action in this regard.

Cheema said that the protesters had been highly abusive of Ahmadis and their faith and this constituted hate speech. He said Sialkot was one of the biggest cities in the country for the Jamaat-i-Ahmadiya, which had 100 administrative units and a similar number of worship places in the district. He expressed concern that these other places of worship would also come under attack.

Fear and loathing

Chishti, the complainant in the case, told The Express Tribune that they had identified minarets at two other Ahmadi worship places in Sialkot that must be demolished. He said that they had set a deadline of Tuesday for the demolition, failing which they would take matters into their own hands. He said Ahmadis should be grateful that Muslims were allowing them to live in their country, so they should live their lives as Muslims wanted.

He said that local Muslims had known that the minarets and verses at Ahmadi worship places were many years old, but at a Khatm-i-Nabuwwat conference in Sialkot on September 7, they had learned that this was illegal. That was why they had acted, he said.

Jamaat-i-Ahmadiya Pakistan spokesman Saleemuddin said that the action in Sialkot was a direct result of the anti-Ahmadi conferences that were held in September. “The police have a responsibility to protect Ahmadis instead of subjecting them to discrimination to appease clerics and bow to their demands,” he said.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 23rd, 2013.

Some conclusions

Ahmadis should respect the laws of the land. Pakistan has declared Ahmadis to be not muslims and forbidden by law to call their temples as “Mosques”.

If Ahmadis claim that it is their religion to be loyal to the country they live in and obey the laws of the country they live in, they should act accordingly and not make an exception in Pakistan.

Ahmadis need to understand that tolerance is not a one way street. Ahmadis have to tolerate that the majority in Pakistan feels deeply offended by their religious claims if they demand tolerance for themselves. The laws of Pakistan are strict when it comes to offending Islam. Ahmadis should have had learned by now to comply to those laws. If the british based Ahmadi leadership continious to instigate their followers in Pakistan to break Pakistani law, then their leaders are to blame for the harm that Ahmadis have to suffer from breaking the law of the country.

Ahmadis are free to live according to their religious believes where it remains within the laws. Pakistan has the most experience with the Ahmadis and their schemes and consequently enacted laws against them. It is just a matter of time that also other countries do the same once they see the true face of Ahmadis.

Narrating the accounts of partition of India in 1947, Ahmadi official historian Dost Muhammad Shahid states that Ahmadis were directed by the Deputy Commissioner Qadian Mr. Kanhaya Lal, Mr. Penjo, the Brigadier of Indian Army and the local Police Officer Mr. Hazara Singh to vacate Qadian.

Dost Muhammad Shahid states that the authorities objected to movement of Ahmadiyya aeroplane and Jeeps with ahmadiyya uniformed force. Jamaat Ahmadiyya is creating terror in the area with the flight of aeroplane. The government authorities also told that ahmadiyya also using Radio transmitter and have received signals from nearby village.

Ahmadiyya elders tried to satisfy the government official and explained that they are using the aeroplane to establish communication from outside world of Qadian. They also admitted to have flown this aeroplane to inspect the nearby aAhmadi destroyed village of Vanjoli and Chak Faizullah with Superintendent Police.

The government officials also blamed that ahmadis have arms and ammunition with mines. They would destroy the town with mines while vacating it. They have tousands of Metric Tones of Wheat which will also be destroyed by them.

The Army Brigadier warned Ahmadis of serious consequences if they attempt to fly the aeroplane and use Millitary Jeeps in future. He threatened to shoot down the aeroplane if found flying next time. When Ahmadi elders try to explain their position they were told to shut up and assure the authorities that Ahmadi Jawan (youth) would not do any aggressive activity, they would not fly the aeroplane, stop movement of military Jeeps with men in military uniforms.

What happened subsequently, was that ahmadis have to vacate Qadian leaving behind few poor people called Darvesh.

The prophesy of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani regarding Qadian to be Darul Aman aslo got failed.

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