In Switzerland, the Ahmadiyya Movement respects the laws and doesn’t have minarets on their newly built temples. However, in Pakistan, their minarets were banned in 1984 and Zia ordered their removal. The Mirza family purposely ignored these orders of law (ord-xx) and wanted a conflict.

A few months ago, the police came out (this video is from Aug-2022) to what seems to be an ahmadiyya temple and activities center in Karachi and had the minarets discussed via police and court paperwork. The Ahmadiyya Movement is using this as propaganda to get more asylum visas to the West, per their business model of human trafficking. The Ahmadiyya Movement is soooo bold, all of their temples in Rabwah still have minarets, and they will shoot any Muslim if he tried to remove them (or other islamic symbols) without police presence.

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