We have found new data on the #faisalabadmosqueattack.  Ahmadi’s have lots of media control and are able to publish their story first.  This is their strategy.  The same thing happened in May of 1974, when Ahmadi’s were doing tabligh at the Rabwah train station.  A week later, Ahmadi’s attacked a train full of teenagers.

The story
The Daily Ummat Karachi dated 25.08.2018 reported that the incident took place at Village 69 RB, some 32 KM from Faisalabad on Sheikhupura Road in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.

According to details Qadianis are 20% of the population in this village and are pursuing aggressive policy of Tabligh. They were illegally building their second temple in the area to boost up their heretic activities. Two weeks ago they got two Muslim families trapped and converted to Qadiani cult. Muslim Ulema of area explained to them the actual face of Qadianis and both the families reverted to Islam. This enraged Qadianis and they planning to avenge this and were teasing local muslims on one pretext or the other.

On 23rd August 2018 they opened fire on Muslims on the pretext that one of the muslims has tried to crush their hen under his Motor Bike. They fired bullets from rooftop bunker of their temple. Subsequently they set portions of their temple on fire to put blame on muslims.

When the Police asked Qadianis to provide CC TV Camera footage installed on their temple, they refused to give it to the Police and it is likely to be destroyed by Qadianis. SHO Area Police Zahid Abbas said muslims pelted stones and Qadianis fired bullets from inside their worship place. He denied the burning of houses of Qadianis.

Favouring the Qadianis, Police have not registered FIR submitted by Muslims rather the Police registered the case on its on nominating both parties and unknown. Electronic Media also favouring Qadianis.

The injured, among others include, Waqas so Niamat, Nabil s/o Barkat,Amjad Ali s/o Ashraf,Ovais s.o Gulzar, Nasir Ali s.o Bagh Ali, Tayab s.o Ashraf. Shan Ali s.o Jamaat Ali. Abdul Rehman s.o Ismail , Sajid Saleem s.o. Ahmad Ali etc. All wounded have been admitted to district hospital. According to the press note of Deputy Commissioner 4 Qadianis have been injured. Police have secured bullet shells from the place of occurrence, fired by Qadianis.

The ulema and officials of Khatme Nabuwwat have condemned this incident and demanded the govt to stop the heretic activities and terrorism by Qadianis otherwise they will stage country wide protests and responsibilities shall lie on them.


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