The Mirza family is a sick dynasty comparable to the Kim Dynasty in North Korea.  The Mirza family has been seeking its own state/country since 1947 and has gotten lots of help from the British.  This pledge which is forced upon all Ahmadi’s as soon as they turn 15 and is unconstitutional to any country in the world .  It basically forces young Ahmadi’s to recite their allegiance to the Mirza family, over and over and over again, its level-1 brainwashing.  Similarly, in North Korea, China and the trump administration, people are forced to recite their pledge of allegiance often, and thus the brainwashing is complete.  This is why Ahmadi’s can never be trusted, they are working behind the scenes to help advance the political objectives of the Mirza family and eventually acquire their own country.

Can Pakistani’s trust anyone who isn’t totally loyal to Pakistan?

When was this pledge created?
It’s unclear when this pledge was created.  MKA was created in 1938.  There are also by-laws and a set of rules for MKA, its origination is also unknown.


Was Ahmadiyya created by the British?
As we all know, in the art of War, nations find minority groups in any given country and support them and put them into power.  The USA has done this many times over, they have also installed puppet governments into power and then removed them as needed.

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