After MGA died, Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 5 was published and in it is a strange comparison that MGA made with ejaculation and prayers (See online english edition of BA5, see pages 274-275). Read my full review on BA5 herein. Interestingly, Qadiani’s have tried to say that MGA was referring to the parasympathetic nervous system in the human body. However, this was a silly thing to say in public by MGA and his team.

In this specific reference, MGA and his team of writers specifically compare the pleasure of ejaculation with prayers.

The quote from the online english edition of BA5, see pages 274-275

“””Yet another similarity between the sperm and the state of humility and fervour in Prayer is that just as a man’s sperm enters the body of his wife or another woman, at the time of ejaculation it flows freely just like the flowing of tears in a state of fervour and anguished supplication. And just as the sperm ejaculates spontaneously, so do tears flow from the eyes of a person at the height of anguished prayer. And just as the pleasure of ejaculations is at times lawful when experienced with one’s wife, and at times unlawful when experienced with a prostitute, the same is the case with the state of anguish and fervour, which at times is only for the sake of the One and Peerless God, with no contamination of idolatry or innovation. This is lawful pleasure. But at times such pleasure is experienced in the passion and fervour of worship that has the element of innovations, creature worship, and the worship of idols and goddesses, and then it is like the pleasure experienced during intercourse with a prostitute.”””

Urdu scan of BA5, Rk, page

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