Dear readers, Ahmadiyya sources are the epitome of “fake news”, they been doing this since 1878, starting with MGA.  Nevertheless, Ahmadiyya sources are silent on Fakhr-uddin Multani and myriad of other topics.  We have found a story from an Ahmadi, his name is Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan and he wrote a detailed history of this high school and college.  He tells us about the Ti College and how some Ahmadi’s were directed to stay at Qadian and guard it.  This led to an Ahmadi being killed.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad also spoke about his life at Qadian and during partition.  He was barely 20 years old and in the prime of his youth during this time, in his book, “A Man of God”, he speaks about having many guns hidden away.  All of these details are cloudy, we are unsure of what happened.  However, we do know that the Khalifa fled to Lahore from Qadian under military escort, Bashir Ahmad Orchard was part of the caravan.

Dr. Sharif Khan tells us: 
See page 9

“”””In an office order issued on 30th June, 1947, Talim-ul-Islam College was notified by
the principal to remain close for summer recess from 1st July to 27th September, 1947.
Meanwhile partition of the subcontinent, into India and Pakistan, as two sovereign states,
took place on 14th August 1947. So that 30th June, 1947, proved to be the last working
day of the college in Qadian.

Most of the college officials and students migrated to Pakistan, however, few were
directed to stay back, to help protect college equipment from looting and destruction by
the refugees that were pouring into Qadian from surrounding areas. They were also to
supervise safe evacuation process and migration of women and children to Pakistan.
Muhammad Munir Khan Shami, a Talim-ul-Islam College B.Sc. student, who was at
guard duty was martyred by a band of Sikh looters“””

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