He was raised by the famous Ahmadi mullah, Maulvi Burhan ud Din from Jehlum (died in 1905).  Burhan ud Din was a member of the “Ahl-e-Hadith”, just like MGA. Burhan ud Din and other Ahmadi’s radicalized Abdul Hameed and prepared him mentally to commit a murder (Dr. Clarke). After serving time in jail, per Ahmadiyya sources, he became an Ahmadi (see Nooruddin by Zaf Khan, page, 133). He was most likely already an Ahmadi and the Ahmadiyya movement is just covering their tracks.

He was brought up as a child by one Sultan Mahmood, an Ahmadi preacher at Jhelum. His mother was married to this Sultan Mahmood and she had been previously the wife of one Luqman, a brother of Sultan Mahmood, on whose decease she contracted the second marriage. Abdul Hameed is said to be the son of Luqman (See Dard, Chapter 57) . Abdul Hameed showed up at the Church residence of Dr. Clark on the presumption that he wished to convert to Christianity from Islam. A few weeks later he confessed to Dr. Clark that he had been sent by MGA to murder the said doctor. The reason might be that Dr. Clark was heavily involved with MGA’s debate vs. Athim. MGA and his team had extended a death prophecy to Dr. Clark also. Furthermore, this event happened just a few weeks after Lekh Ram had been brutally murdered after MGA’s death prophecy failed to work on March 6th, 1897.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________A venereal disease?

Noorudin and Dr. Clarke report that this Ahmadi had a venereal disease while he was in Qadian.  Abdul Hameed also said that he regularly massaged MGA.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Dr. Henry Martyn Clark (also spelled as Clarke)

He was a Christian missionary working in Amritsar. He brought a charge, under section 107 I.P.C., against MGA on August 1st, 1897, in the court of Mr. A.E. Martineau, District Magistrate of Amritsar. Dr. Clark stated that MGA had sent a youth, Abdul Hamid, to murder him (See Tadhkirah, the 2009 online edition, page 392).  On the same day a warrant was issued for MGA’s arrest.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________August 6th, 1897

The District Magistrate of Amritsar sent a letter wherein he cancelled the arrest warrant. The case was then transferred to Gurdaspur.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Capt. M. W. Douglas was the District Magistrate of Gurdaspur

He eventually became a colonel. The enquiry against MGA began on August 10, 1897. In the
preliminary report, Capt. Douglas said on the basis of evidence brought before him that he could not possibly charge MGA with any offense. Dr. Clark said in the course of his statement before the District Magistrate of Gurdaspur that he had no intention of instituting any criminal proceedings against MGA  until July 31, 1897.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Capt. Douglas delivered judgement on August 23, 1897

He read about MGA’s father and thus gave MGA a chair to sit on while he was in court, wherein Batalvi and other Indian’s were never given anything to sit on. Batalvi was just a witness in the court case, however, he was talked down upon by Douglas, Douglas even went so far as to insult him.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Abdul Hameed was sentenced

Abdul Hameed seems to have escaped at this point. However, he was caught later on and he was convicted on September 11th, 1899, and sentenced to nine months rigorous imprisonment whereof 44 days had to be passed in solitary confinement. To Mr. J. R. Drummond it was all a mystery. He was constrained to remark in his judgment:

“”””It is by no means clear what the springs have been that produced this chapter in the obscure history that has cenetred seriously for the past few years round the new religious movement of which Abdul Hamid pretended (falsely as one of my predecessors has held) to be a selected emissary.”””” (See Dard).
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