In August of 1897, the case of Dr. Clarke and the British government vs. MGA.  Lekh Ram had died just a few months earlier, and it seemed like some fanatical Ahmadi’s had planned the murder.  Nevertheless, a few months later, Abdul Hameed showed up at Dr. Clarke’s location in Amritsar in the guise of wanting to convert to Christianity.  Soon after showing up, he confessed that MGA had sent him to murder Dr. Clarke.  However, after the case started, and trial began, Abdul Hameed seemed to have totally recanted the story and blamed the Christians at Amritsar and Beas for scaring him into such a testimony, i.e. that MGA sent him to commit murder.  In the below, we have extracted Dr. Clarke’s response to Abdul Hameed, via Ahmadi sources.  We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 195-197.  After Abdul Hameed recanted, Waris Din gave his testimony.

20th August 1897. Statement of Waris Din witness on oath
Son of Ihsan Ali, caste Christian, resident of Jandiala, age 39 years. Stated:

When Muhammad Bakhsh, officer incharge police station, went to Anarkali to fetch Abdul Hameed, and the constable Bahadur Singh was about to sit in the carriage, the officer incharge said: “The driver is a sweeper. Do not sit besides him”. Then I went in the evening, and
the officer incharge police station said: “The boy cannot be handed over now”. When Abdul Hameed wrote the confession at Beas, Doctor sahib was sitting in front of the table like the Magistrate is sitting in the court just now, and Abdul Hameed was sitting in front. On his right were sitting Abdur Rahim, Prem Das and Dyal Chand, and on the left was the deponent. On the right side they were first Prem Das, second Dyal Chand and third Abdur Rahim. I had heard that the boy had told the lawyer that he had met a man at Amritsar when he had gone there first. At Anarkali, Batala, Nihal Chand had told me that anther person also was party at Amritsar to the consultation about murder. Then I enquired from Abdul Hameed and he told me the name
of Qutb-ud-Din and gave the address of the shop. Perhaps the date was the 12th of this month, it was evening time. He had not described the appearance to anyone.

(On a question from the lawyer of the defendant) Formerly I was a Muslim. I became a Christian in 1874. I am only casually acquainted with Doctor sahib, there is no connection. I inspect the schools on behalf of the Mission. The boy had first written the document and then again copied it. Dyal Chand had brought pen, inkpot and paper. The document written by Abdul Hameed had not been read out. It had been written in my presence, and also copied. There had been a mistake the first time, so it was copied again. The words “harm” and “kill” were written by Abdul Hameed himself. The confession does not bear my signature. Abdul Hameed was copying when the postmaster and others came. It was about to finish. All of us were sitting on the
mat in the dining room. Only Doctor sahib was not on the mat. He was in the chair. Doctor sahib was sitting by a side of the table and we people were seated in front of him. Doctor sahib said to Abdul Hameed: “Give in writing whatever you are saying”. And he had written without any hesitation. I had come to Batala during the case.  When Doctor sahib went away, I had stayed behind. I came here at night. I have borne the travelling expenses myself. While coming to
Amritsar from Beas the boy was kept at Rai Vind (It is Sultan Vind in the English version) and I had remained there with him. First we had gone to Doctor sahib’s residence and then to Sultan Vind. I accompanied him to the residence and when the statement was made before the Deputy Commissioner then also I had gone along with him.

Waris Din.
Read out. Accepted correct.
Signature of the Judge.

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