A friend of mine has written a review of Maktubat e Ahmad, which is a compilation of MGA’s letters to his friends.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The review

Maktoobat e Ahmad Vol-2 is currently under reading This is a compilation of the letters of Mirza sb, sent to 4 of his prominent Mureeds, namely Molvi Nuruddin, Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan,Seth Allah Rakha Abdul Rehman Madrasi and Munshi Rustam Ali. Here is an overview stating Numbers of letters sent to each addresses and duration of correspondence.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Addresses No. Of Letters Duration

Molvi Nuruddin 94 March 1885 to Aug 1892
Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan 100 Aug 1889 to Feb 1908
Haji AR Abdul Rehman 96 Aug 1894-to Aug 1905
Ch. Rustam Ali 277 May 1884 to May 1902
The contents of letters that Mirza sb wrote are mostly chanda demands, expression of gratitude to Mureeds for sending Chanda besides Mirza sb,s demand for Search of girls for Marriage of few of his colleagues, Mirzsb,s Ilham for third marriage, condolence on death, Medicines and its impacts demand to send certain commodities etc etc. Now lets have a look on the contents of letters:-
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Summary of Letters To Molvi Nuruddin:-

Condolence on son,s death, expenses on publication of Siraj Munir, demand for Purchase of 100 copies, 50 Rs received send rest 50, send 87 Rs on a/c of Siraj Munir, Munshi Abdul Haq,s debt of Rs500/- spent on publication of SM, needs to be paid back, sex medicine you sent has benefitted to me a lot. Mentions sex disease of losing erectile at the time of sexual intercourse, advise of using same medicine. Appreciation of Molvi sb for being generous and pious, mentions his dream and then demands Rs1400/- in instalments first to be of Rs.500/- my doughter is sick send certain medicinal components, intention of setting up a printing press at Qadian, received half note of Rs 500/- send rest half. Rest half also received, Lekhram,s book Takzib Baraheen, demand to write a rebuttal to it. Requests for employment of Abdullah Khan in Jammu,Received Rs. 240/- you sent. Your Salam conveyed to newly born Bashir the promised son who responded with smile. Medicine you sent thru Fateh Muhammad is received and being used, No medicine received thru Peeran Ditta. Pleased to know that you have made the rebuttle to Takzib Baraheen of Lekhram, sent proposals for your second marriage to a number of girls. One positive response with condition of being a Hanafi sect. Kuchla mudabbir sent by yousuf Baig is good for sex paower. Can be sent to you if you like, Reply reg proposal for second marriage sent to Mir sb, but girl should be pretty not ugly, this has to be confirmed before fixing it. Expression of concern on ill health and stresses the need for second marriage. Request for sale of horse of Cousin Imamuddin to a rich man of Kashmir, your second marriage propsal sent to sister of Sahibzada Iftikhar. Informs of ill health of Bashir the promised son. Informs of death of Bashir the promised son. Calls for second marriage. Congratulates on second marriage advise of living with love and affection and ignore opposition by first wife. I took Rs 900/- from you which will be 1000/- after you send Rs 100/-, Rs 100 received. Plz send Kushta Marjan for Mir Abbas sb. Rejects advise of claiming Maseel Masih per Damishki hadiths. Plz take care of bread of Muhammad Baig he has problems in Langar.. plz do something for employment of Shahabuddin. Abdul Haq Ghznavi announced ilham that myself is liar, discusses opposition of Batalvi, Dr. Jaggan Nath,s challenge not accepted, Molvi Nazir Hussain,s challenge in Dehli shall be accepted. Plz send original musk to me.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Summary of Letters To Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan sb:

Baraheen 5 not published yet. Price of Publshed volume is from Rs25 to Rs. 100/- Aims and objectives of Baiyat, Received ilham of your well being. This humble-self do not deny to enter into Mubahila with Abdul Haq Ghaznavi, Rs 281/- sent by you has been received.Requests to come to Qadian. Informs of his various ilhams,explains of why Athem survived of death, Asks for time limit of payment of debt of Rs500/-, Received Rs 200/- First floor constructiion would cost Rs.900/-, i am advising Molvi sb to go for another marriage points to a girl, plz tell a girl for Nuruddin,s marriage at your place. Plz send Rs, 200/- for constructions at Qadian. Advises Nawab sb to celeberate Golden Jubilee of Queen victoria by lighting on the buildings ansd lanes of Malir Kotla,it is permissible in Islam, plz Send Rs 200/- and tell a girl for Molvi sb ,s marriage, construction will be closed if Rs 200/- not received.English and urdu memorial is published and being distributed. Rs 200/- received. Congratulation on new marriage, i will send medicine for you. Shocked to know of death of your wife. Don,t publish ishtihar of Rs.5000/- congratulation on newly born baby. Wife, Nusrat Jehan is sick, risk of abortion,Plz bring pomegranate seeds for Re 1/- when you come. Happy to know of Measles it is a good disease it prevents plague. Molvi Nuruddin and Mirza Khuda Baksh are my witness in a case of income tax against me. Build a ladies house in Qadian for few months visit once a while. Sending pils for prevention of leprosy. Using musk for fits, do use henna water. Sending Tiryaq ilahi good for sex power. Rs.575/- Received. Gift cloths Jewellery received, Refuses proposal of Nawab for daughter Mubaraka, Okays this proposal for dower of Rs.50,000/-
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Summary of Letters to Seth Abdul Rehman Madrasi

Mirza sb in almost every letter has acknowledged with thanks to have received Rs 100/- to Rs 1000/- total amount calculated about Rs 5000/-. Besides he sent demands from time to time,
Could you plz all friends jointly lend me Rs,1000/-
Plz send Upto Rs. 5000/- for reward Ishtihar for Athem.
I received Musk, Amber and other gift from you, thanks. Sad to know death of your wife. I am making dua for you,
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Summary of Letters to Munshi Rustam Ali

Sad to know of death of your father, Plz send Rs 200/- , plz send 25 rupees, recover rest money of sale proceed of Siraj munir, I would be obliged if you send me few bottles of Soda water. Rs 75 from sale proceed have received from you. Rs 15/- are in balance. Making vigorous dua for Sheikh Maher Ali,plz send Rs 150/- from sale proceed account. Plz send Sheer Mal for Rs 2/- to me duly packed in a basket. Sheer Mal of 5/- rupees value received. I have to pay for Shahna Haq plz send Rs 20/- to me. Plz confirm the news of Nikah of daughter of Ahmad Baig as no body talks of this in Qadian. You settle all land issues with Sultan ahmad so that a settlement is reached. Come to a jalso with Paan worth Four annas. Pllz bring Two big desks and one carpet. Plz get the luggage of Mir Nasir Nawab to him at Patiala. Your chanda of Rs.10 for Molvi Ahsan has been appreciated etc.
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