Amtul Hafeez or Amatul Hafeez or or Amtul Hafiz or Nawab Amtul Hafeez was the youngest child of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Nusrat Jahan Begum. MGA had already died in 1908, his wife and other people must have arranged for the marriage of Amtul Hafiz (the other daughter of MGA) to the other son of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan (his son from a previous marriage), his name was Nawab Abdullah Khan. The marriage was announced on June 7th, 1915 by Maulvi Ghulam Rasul Rajeki and announced in the Al-Hakam, it was also mentioned by MGA’s enemy, Maulvi Sanullah in his newspaper entitled, “Muraqa Qadiani”. The marriage took place on 22 February 1917. MGA’s daughter was barely 13 years old. This was a class child marriage, her husband was over 40 years old. They both moved to Malerkotla and began sleeping together immediately. Amtul Hafeez and Abdullah Khan seem to have had 9 children, 3 sons and 6 daughters, we have only found 6 in the below. 2 of Mirza Bashir Ahmad’s sons and two of his grandsons married four daughters of Amatul Hafiz Begum. It should be noted that Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan  and Nawab Muhammad Abdullah Khan (father and son) had a shared income, and there were many problems of state properties during the English rule. Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan was forced to move to Qadian, leaving everything behind.

Amatul Hafeez and Nawab Abdullah Khan’s children

1–Their eldest daughter is Nusrat Jehan who is the wife of Mirza Naseer Ahmad Tariq, grandson of Mirza Bashir Ahmad.

2—Daughter— Zakia Begum born in 1923, died in 2017.   She was married to Colonel Mirza Daud Ahmad.

2—-Daughter—-Sahibzadi Qudsiyah Begum Sahiba, she was married to Mirza Majeed Ahmad, who was a first cousin, they were married in 1950.

3——-son—- Mirza Mahmood Ahmad,

4—-daughter—-Durre Sameen, who is the daughter in law of Mir Mahmood Ahmad Sahib.

5—- son named Mirza Ghulam Qadir Sahib Shaheed who was married to Amatun Nasir Sahiba, daughter of Mir Daud Sahib.

6——daughter named Fauzia Shameem Sahiba (born in 1938) who is married to Syed Mudassar Ahmad Sahib, who is also a life-devotee.

7—-Daughter—Sahibzadi Amatul Bari Begum Sahiba (1928–2015). Her nikah took place in 1944, she was 16 years old.

8—-son named Shahid Ahmad Pasha—died in 2020. He is known as an adulterer. He married a daughter of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Amtul Shakoor.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Did they move to Pakistan in 1947?

They seem to have both moved to Rabwah, Pakistan in 1948.

In 1948, her husband, Nawab Abdullah Khan sahib had a severe heart attack. Although, due to Allah’s mercy, he survived, he was never able to lead a normal life again (see page 47).

On August 25, 1962, Amatul Hafiz Begum, the daughter of the founder of the Community, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, laid the foundation stone for the first mosque in Switzerland.

She died in Rabwah and is buried there.

Shahid Ahmad Pasha—died in 2020. He is known as an adulterer. He married a daughter of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Amtul Shakoor.
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