Mirza Nizam ud Din (born in 1845–)(See Punjab Chiefs, 1909 edition)was a cousin of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, he was the son of Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din. He was the eldest brother of Mirza Imam ud Din. MGA’s brother, Mirza Ghulam Qadir was married to Mirza Nizam ud Din’s sister, Hurmat Bibi, they had no children. His other sister was married to Ahmad Beg of Hoshiarpur, the famous Muhammadi Begum. He was alive and well by 1909, and 74 years old, he seems to have outlived all of his cousins. He never accepted MGA or Ahmadiyya (See Punjab Chiefs, 1909 edition). In 1919, it is reported by the Al-Fazl that the Nizam ud Din’s family lives right next to the Aqsa Mosque, Nizam ud Din and Imam ud Din owned a huge house which resembled a mansion and it was really close to home of MGA. Nizam ud Din was dead by 1919. Dard reports that the only child remaining from this progeny was Gul Muhammad who had converted to Ahmadiya between 1908 and 1919. Dard also reports that their property was donated to the Ahmadiyya Movement. He is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1939, Oct-1939 and Dec-1939.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1857 mutiny?

He doesn’t appear anywhere in this era.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His children

1——Daughter died in February 1888 (See Dard, page 170), she was roughly 22-25 years old.  She had a son, we are not sure what happened with this son.  Ahmadiyya sources are silent.
2——Son, Dil Muhammad, died in 1907, no offspring are reported by Ahmadiyya sources.

3—–Gul Muhammad, was raised by Imam ud Din.  Dard says that he converted to Ahmadiyya (see page 336).  However, this isn’t confirmed by neutral sources.

MGA had tied up chicken on the head on patient (seeratul Mahdi part 3 – 27 page)

“””It is described to me that once Mirza nizam udin was severely sick.  Which had effect on mind . At that time No  doctor was available. The relatives of mirza nizam udin informed MGA.  He immediately went their and treated the patient well. The treatment was this that MGA tied up chicken on the head of patient, after slaughter, which gave relief. That time there was severe disputes between them””

The scan for this incident


He sided with his sister and brother-in-law as they were shocked that would ask for the hand of his niece, the famous Muhammadi Begum. His daughter dies in the prime of her youth. MGA claims to have caused it, this is based on the fact that MGA’s cousins were against his marriage with Muhammadi Begum, who was barely 10 years old in 1888 and MGA had seen her in her infancy (see Tadhkirah, page 164).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1901, the case of the wall

He sides with his near family members as they build a wall over property that is technically shared by all the cousins.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1903, MGA dreams about him and his near relations

In disrespectful fashion, MGA writes in his notebook of revelations about their death and etc (See Tadhkirah, page 619).

Nizam ud Din objects to MGA building the famous white minaret. MGA wins the case (see Dard page 777).

Mirza Imam ud Din loses the case of the Wall.  He is ordered to pay and seems to have refused to pay. Per Dard, a warrant was issued for his arrest on August 31, 1904. Mirza Imam ud Din then abruptly dies. Dard goes on to report that Mirza Nizam ud Din then approached MGA and cleared the debt, i.e., MGA dropped the case (see Dard, page 716).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1905, MGA dreams about him and his near relations

In the Badr and Al-Hakam of April 1905, MGA publishes another strange dream (See Tadhkirah, page 697—698). These dreams seem to indicate that he is working “in-collusion” with Mirza Sultan Ahmad.

“The Punjab Chiefs” 1909 edition reports that he is working “in-concert” with Mirza Sultan Ahmad and in terms of collecting taxes at Qadian and some neighboring villages. It seems that Mirza Sultan Ahmad was on the road a lot and thus had his uncle act on his behalf at Qadian.

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad in his Al-Fazl of October 1919, basically explains how all the off spring of Mirza Nizam ud Din had died and only one child remained, and even that child had become an Ahmadi (Gul Muhammad). However, this is unverified (See Tadhkirah, page 1057).  It seems to us, that, in jest, the Khalifa made up a story that he claims MGA told him.

He is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1939, Oct-1939 and Dec-1939.

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad claims that all of his relatives that opposed MGA have either died or converted to Ahmadiyya (see Tadhkirah, page 180).
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Who is Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din? Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s paternal uncle (died in 1866)

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