Dear readers, we have found an Ahmadiyya album from the 1920’s.  It seems to have lots of quotes from Britishers (colonist) from the 1920’s.  This album proves that the British government was working with Ahmadiyya to convert Muslims to Ahmadiyya and thus create loyal subjects out of Muslims.  They even posted pictures of the sons of Maulvi Abdul Latif.  The story of Abdul Hamid and Captain Douglas is also posted here.  Sufi Ghulam Muhammad and his mission to Mauritius are also written about.  Also, how 20,000 Africans from Lagos joined Ahmadiyya in a single day.  The Khalifa’s tour of London and Paris are also mentioned.  It also mentions how lots of Arabs in Kababir joined Ahmadiyya in the late 1920’s and early 1930′s.  This album gives lots of rare pictures.

The album
Ahmadiyya Album

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