When it comes to women in Islam, Ahmadi’s are worse than the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia.  Rabwah is the only town in Pakistan wherein a full niqaab is required and Ahmadi’s all over the world are taught to oppress women.  Nevertheless, we have foudn 3 quotes from MGA which prove his extreme stance on women.  However, there are countless examples of multiple Khalifas directly violating those commandments. Now, I’m sure that an Ahmadi will think that Huzur has pure intention, that’s part of the doctrine after all, but does it matter? It clearly didn’t to MGA, he made it clear in all 3 books.


The following 3 quotes are from books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya community. I believe it to be a fair representation of his views on this matter.

[philosophy of the Teachings of Islam]

“””””””””We have been positively commanded not to look at their beauty, whether with pure intent or otherwise, nor to listen to their musical voices or to descriptions of their good looks, whether with pure intent or otherwise””””””””””

[Noah’s Ark]

“””the Quran instructs against glancing at women under any circumstances, be it covetously or with pure intentions because one is liable to stumble on this account. In fact, your eyes should always be lowered when you confront a Non-Mahram. You should not be aware of the physical form of a woman except through an obscured sight, in the way a person’s vision is clouded in the early stages of cataract.”””””

[Lecture Lahore]

“””Holy Quran teaches us not to look at them(women) unnecessarily, with or without lust, for this is likely to lead us astray. Should such a need arise, we should keep our eyes half shut and avoid staring at them. This is the only way to preserve the purity of our hearts.

Listen, dear friends! No good can come out of the free mixing of the sexes and the exchange of lascivious glances, while we know that men and women are not free from their carnal passions. Indeed, it amounts to deliberately throwing them into a pit.”””

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