He is the elder brother of the famous lawyer that defended MGA in many trials, Khwaja Kamal ud Din. Their father was Khwaja Aziz ud Din, he doesn’t seem to have converted to Ahmadiyya at all (see page 128). He is mentioned in MGA’s famous list of 313 original Ahmadi’s (see Dard). He is barely mentioned in the history of Ahmadiyya (lahori or qadiani). He emerges in the 1930’s in Kashmir, where he was working at the time. He was a fast friends of Shaikh Abdullah, the Sher-i-Kashmir and seems to have been in his presence many times (see Spencer Lavan, page 150). He had a sister named Wazira Begum also. He seems to have died in either in late 1931 or 1932, since by 1933, they were already calling him the Late Khwaja Jamal ud Din (see page 128). Spencer Lavan seems to have errored and wrote Khwaja Jalal ud Din in his book as he connected Shaikh Abdullah to Khwaja Jamal ud Din. He worked as the Darbar’s Director of Public Instruction.
He was a founding member of the Lahori-Ahmadi’s in Lahore (See page 126).
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Heroes of Kashmir : Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Vakil


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