He is the author of the famous book about Yuz Asaf, which destroys the Ahmadiyya theory that Yuz Asaf= Esa (as). Mohammad Baqer Majlesi (1627–1699) (Persianعلامه مجلسی‎ Allameh Majlesi; also Romanized as: MajlesiMajlessiMajlisiMadjlessi), known as Allamah Majlesi or Majlesi Al-Thani (Majlesi the Second), was a renowned and very powerful Iranian Twelver Shi’a cleric, during the Safavid era. He has been described as “one of the most powerful and influential Shi’a ulema of all time”, whose “policies and actions reoriented Twelver Shia’ism in the direction that it was to develop from his day on.”[1]

Ahmadi’s quote his book, Bihar al Anwar when they use the argument that the great Jihad is vs. one’s self.  His name can also be spelled as Allamah Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi.
Razi Qudrat has also quoted Bihar al Anwar

MGA never claimed that the second coming of Muhammad (Saw)(Nauzobillah) was written in any hadith or by any scholar. However, Razi Qudrat from Ahmadi Answers is claiming that in the book, Bihar al Anwar, there is someting. Razi didn’t go to college, so he doesnt know how to properly reference data. Nevertheless, the first time it seems that this reference was used in 1978, in Bashir Ahmad Rafiq’s book, “”Truth About Ahmadiyya”.

Bihar al Anwar, Vol. 13, Page 209
“”The Imam Mahdi will say: O ye people, if any of you wishes to behold Ibrahim and Ishmael, then let him note that I am Ibrahim and Ishmael. If any of desires to behold Moses and Joshua, then let him note that I am Moses and Joshua. If any of you desires to see Esa and Simon, then let him note, I am Esa and Simon. If any of you desires to behold Muhammad Mustafa, PBUH, and Ameerul Momineen Ali, May Allah be pleased with him, then let him note that I am Muhammad Mustafa, PBUH, and Ameer ul Momineen Ali, May Allah be pleased with him” 

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Some of his books



  • Bihar al-Anwar (“Seas of Light”) in 110 volumes.
  • Reality of Certainty[12]
  • Mirror of Intellects, a 26-volume commentary.
  • Shelter of the Upright People, a 16-volume commentary.
  • Provisions for the Hereafter
  • A Gift for the Pilgrims
  • Essence of Life
  • Adornment of the Pious[13]
  • Al-Fara’edh al-Tarifah