Imam Bayhaqi tells us that when Tabarani said that Eisa (as) will live up til the age of 120, he meant on his second coming (See Dala’il al-Nubuwwah [The Signs of Prophethood], page 166)(See the scan in the below). Thus, the Qadianis are caught again red-handed telling lies and misrepresenting authors.

In 1891, when MGA made his wild claims, he was also asserting that Esa (As) died at roughly age 33 and was buried somewhere. About a year later, in 1892, MGA began to say that Esa (As) lived to age 120 and indirectly quoted the saying of Aisha, which was also recorded in Kanzul Ummul (See Nishan Asmani, page 19)(MGA was quoting Tabrani [spelled as Tibrani] and Al-Hakam). In 1895, via Satt Bachan (we don’t have the original edition), MGA quotes Tabarani and claims that Eisa (as) was the travelling prophet and lived 87 years after the event of crucifixtion (up to age 120-125).

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Satt Bachan, Endnote concerning page 164, pp. A-B, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 10, p. 301-302, see also Hidden Treasures

“”””This ointment is blessed one which is beneficially used on wounds and removal of sign of wounds. Physicians agree that this ointment was prepared by the disciples for the treatment of his wounds. When Hadrat ‘Isa was arrested by Jews and the Jews put him on the Cross with the intention of killing him and proceeded to stretch him on the Cross, God saved him from the evil designs of the Jews and he suffered only slight wounds on his body and because of this curious ointment he was cured and the signs of the wounds disappeared. This fact is even attested by the New Testament that when Jesus was delivered from the Cross, in reality he regained his life. He met his disciples and conveyed the news that he was alive. Disciples were
surprised how he did escape from the Cross and thought it might be that they were looking at his soul. Then Jesus showed his wounds which were caused when he was put on the Cross. Then the disciples came to believe that he was delivered from the Jews.

It is the simplicity of the Christians who believe that Jesus died on the Cross and got an entirely new life if it were so, God had the power of granting him a new life and could also totally cure his wounds, specially when it is said that the body that was elevated to heaven was the reflective one that he was seated on the right hand side of God and if it was so, how the wounds could exist on the reflective body. Jesus himself compared this to the event of Jonah.
Jonah did not die in the belly of the fish and had he died, then there was no point in making a comparison….

He lived in hiding for forty days in the settlement under Pilate during which the application of the said ointment cured him and the good natured disciples disseminated the news that he was elevated to the heaven, in fact it was very wise move that the thoughts of Jews were diverted and it was decided beforehand that at an appointed date Jesus would leave the settlement that was under the jurisdiction of Pilate. Disciples saw him off and Ahadith of Tabarani also prove
that Jesus lived another 87 years after this event and during this time he was constantly visiting one country after another and that is why he is known as a Messiah—a person on tour. “””””
Dala’il al-Nubuwwah [The Signs of Prophethood], page 166


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