The entire ulema, Shia and Sunni believe that Esa (as) left planet earth at roughly age 33 (see Tafsir Ibn Kathir). In 1891, when MGA made his wild claims, he was also asserting that Esa (As) died at roughly age 33 and was buried somewhere. About a year later, in 1892, MGA began to say that Esa (As) lived to age 120 and indirectly quoted the saying of Aisha, which was also recorded in Kanzul Ummul (See Nishan Asmani, page 19)(MGA was quoting Tabrani [spelled as Tibrani] and Al-Hakam). See our full refutation of this Tabrani quote herein.

In 1895, in Satt Bachan, MGA and his ghost writers wrote that Esa (as) lived an additional 87 years after the event of crucifixtion, that would make his age at death to be 120, since Esa (As) was 33 at the event of crucifixtion (and again he quoted Tabrani). In 1898, in “Raz-e-Haqiqat” (A hidden Truth) and Ayyam-e-Sulh, MGA and his team again wrote that Esa (as) lived til he was 120, but now they were claiming that he died in Kashmir.

MGA and his team of writers wrote in Tuhfatun-Nadwah (1902) that the crucifixtion happened when Esa (as) was aged 33. They also write that Esa (as) died 50 years after the event of crucifixtion, which would make him 83 years old (this directly contradicted the statement from 1895 and 1898). They then assert that he was 90, based on some strange document. However, after MGA died in 1908, Jesus in India was published and it was stated that Esa (as) lived until age 120/125. MGA (and his team) even wrote in Jesus in India that all sects of Muslims believe that Esa (as) lived til aged 125, however, this is a bold face lie.

Nevertheless, we looked up the hadith, since MGA and his team of writers never gave a specific reference. What’s interesting here is that in the introduction to Jesus in India, which was not part of the orginal urdu edition, Ahmadiyya editors wrote that Esa (as) lived til age 120, but in the book, it is written as 125. This is not even from an authentic book of hadith, in fact, the hadith is contradictory and asserts that all prophets have “half-the-length of their mission” of their predecessor prophet, which is how they did the math and since Muhammad (saw)’s mission was roughly 20 years, Esa (as) must have been 40, however, Yahya (as) was before Jesus and his mission should have lasted 80 years, however, he died at a a young age (below 40). Similarly, MGA’s mission should have lasted only 10 years, which is wrong, MGA’s career spanned 28 years.”

Watch Bro Haji’s video on this too, towards the end.
THE HEAVENLY SIGN, online english edition

“””In Sahih Bukhari, the Holy Prophetsa has verified the death of Jesusas and, according to
Ibni ‘Abbas—a great and eminent Companion—the verse ‘Tawaffa’ denotes the death of Jesusas. Moreover, Tibrani and Hakam quote a saying of the Holy Prophetsa which has been related by Hadrat ‘A’ishara that Jesusas lived to the age of 120 years. In the same Hadith, the Holy Prophetsa says that his own age would be half that of Jesusas. This obviously means that if Jesusas has not yet passed away, then our Holy Prophetsa may still be alive as well.”””
Ayyam-us-Sulh, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 14, p. 388

MGA says::
“””Eisa (as) lived 120 years, muhadittheen have accepted this as a top grade hadith, and no criticism against it.””

This was quoted by the Dawah Wise channel by Imtiaz (see 9:33 time stamp).


Tiryaqul-Qulub, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 15, page 499
This was quoted by the Dawah Wise channel by Imtiaz (see 9:33 time stamp).

“””…Jesus (as) died at age 120, his grave is there in Mohalla Khanyar”. 

The quote from Tuhfatun-Nadwah
See online english edition, pages 30-31

“””I am alluding to the discovery in Jerusalem of an old Hebraic document which bears the signature of Jesus’ disciple Peter (the content of which I have already reproduced in my book Noah’s Ark). This document contains evidence that Jesus died on this very earth almost fifty years after he was put on the cross.

It has been purchased by a Christian company for 250,000 rupees and has been verified as having been written by Peter. It would be naïve to cling to the idea that Jesus is still alive in the face of such clear and overwhelming evidence.One cannot deny the facts. Muslims! I congratulate you, for this is a day of triumph. Abandon your false beliefs and fashion your faith in accordance with the Holy Quran.

Let me reiterate that this final testimony is that of Jesus’ closest disciple. In this document, he identifies himself as Peter; a servant of the son of Mary. He tells his age as 90 and is writing 3 years after the death of Jesus. Historically, both Jesus and Peter are understood to have been of similar ages and that at the time of the crucifixion Jesus was approximately 33 years old and Peter somewhere between 30 and 40.””””

The scan work


However, after MGA died in 1908, Jesus in India was published and it was stated that Esa (as) lived until age 120/125. MGA (and his team) even wrote in Jesus in India that all sects of Muslims believe that Esa (as) lived til aged 125, however, this is a bold face lie.
The hadith as quoted in Jesus in India

“””Reliable reports in the Hadith show that the Holy Prophet said that Jesus was 125 years of age. Besides, all the sects of Islam believe that Jesus had two unique things about him — things which are not to be found in any other prophet, namely: (1) he lived to a full old age, i.e., to 125 years; (2) he traveled in many parts of the world and was therefore called the ‘travelling prophet’. It is evident that if he had been raised to the skies when he was only 33 years old the report of ‘125 years’ could not have been true, nor could he have traveled so much while he was only thirty-three. Not only are these reports found in the reliable Books of Hadith. They have been so well-known among all the Muslim sects that it is difficult to think of anything which has been more widely known among them.”””(Jesus in India, online edition,, retrieved on 1-15-17, 4th paragraph from the bottom)

1. Kanzul Ummul is a re-collection of hadith reports.  It is not a primary source of information on Islamic tradition.

1.a. Moreover, this hadith is traced to Al-Tabari, i traced it many years ago…its a ridiculous hadith that seems to indicate that prophets live half the amount of years as the previous prophet that they come after..

1.b.  Tabari Vol.6, “Muhammad at Mecca”, pg. 61

“Ibn al-Muthanna—al-Hajjaj—Hammad—‘Amr—Yahya b. Ja’dah: The messenger of God said to Fatimah, “Gabriel has reviewed the Quran with me once a year, but this year he has reviewed it with me twice, and I fancy that my time has come. You are the nearest to me of my kin. Whenever a prophet has been sent, his mission has lasted for a period of half his predecessor’s lifetime. Jesus was sent for a period of forty years, and I was sent for 20.”

For example, Esa (as) must have lived to 120/125, since Muhammad (saw) died at 63-ish. However, this would mean that MGA or the messiah to come would live 30 years, i.e. half of the life of Muhammad (saw)…

Moreover, this hadith would insinuate that Yahya (as), must have lived to 250..since he was before Esa (as)..

Do you see how ridiculous this sounds?? Obviosuly, this hadith was invented in an attempt to explain how Nuh (as) lived to 950 and how other prophets did the same…however, as we all know, ahmadis dont believe in this idea…they believe that Nuh (as) didnt live to 950, or whatever, they say that this age was the the age of his prophethood…which is total rubbish.

2. MGA and his team lied and said that all sects of Islam believe that Esa (As) lived to 125…that is a bold face lie.

3. MGA and his team continue to lie in the next few sentences, he claims that all muslims believe that Esa (as) travelled extensviely….

4. Finally, this book was published posthumously, and although Ahmadi newspapers and MGA began writing that Esa (as)= Yuz Asaf from 1896 onwards and that he lived to 120/125, they didnt write this diatribe, i.e. that all islamic sects believed this. This seems to be a later addition by Noorudin, Muhammad Ali, or Mufti Sadiq.

5.  This hadith explains the remaining life of Esa (as):

Book 37, Number 4310:
Narrated AbuHurayrah:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: There is no prophet between me and him, that is, Jesus (peace_be_upon_him). He will descent (to the earth). When you see him, recognise him: a man of medium height, reddish fair, wearing two light yellow garments, looking as if drops were falling down from his head though it will not be wet. He will fight the people for the cause of Islam. He will break the cross, kill swine, and abolish jizyah. Allah will perish all religions except Islam. He will destroy the Antichrist and will live on the earth for forty years and then he will die. The Muslims will pray over him.
Scans from Kanzul Ummul

“”And verily, Jesus, son of Mary, lived for 120 years, therefore, I think i may reach the age of sixty””

As you can see in the scans in the below, this hadith report has no chain of transmittors. Ibn Kathir even commented on this hadith (see the scan in the below) and called ghareeb (poor, weak and inauthentic).

Ibn Kathir scan


MGA and his team of writers were trying to fool the illiterate masses of India with their fake-research. They seem to have succeeded just a little bit, in fact, to this day, most Ahmadis are stuck in Ahmadiyya and aren’t man enough to admit to their mistake.
Additional scans

Hajr Asqalani


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