The earliest Kashmiri-Ahmadi was Raja Atta Muhammad Khan sahib (died 1904) who was a jagirdar in the village of Yari pora, which is South Kashmir and falls into to the Kulgam district. Raja Ata Muhammad Khan was authorized by MGA to take the bait for anyone to enter Ahmadiyya (see at the 30:15 mark). He was the son of Sher Muhammad Khan. Raja Atta Muhammad Khan worked for the evil Dogra rulers in Gilgit as a District Magistrate. Raja Atta Muhammad Khan became an ahmadi very early on, he was totally blind at the time. He became an Ahmadi before Haji Umar Dar, however, the year is unclear. (roughly 1889). He initially sent Raja Haider Khan to Qadian to investigate Ahmadiyya. It is unclear how he heard about Ahmadiyya. Raja Haider Khan stayed in Qadian for 21 days and converted to Ahmadiyya. By 2019, there seem to 4 additional villages in the south area of Kashmir that have a significant Ahmadi population (roughly 10,000 per Ahmadiyya sources), Reashinagar village, also spelled Reshnagri, see the google map page herein, Abdur Rahman Itu is the President of this Ahmadiyya village, which is reported as the largest Ahmadiyya village in Kashmir. Another village is Shurat village in Kulgam. Kulgam is a huge city center, Ahmadi’s seem to be located only in the village of Shurat, however, they may have spread around.There lots of young Ahmadi’s who are serving in the police and are teachers for the government of India, much to the consternation of the local Muslim community. There are 5 Ahmadiyya run schools in South Kashmir, mostly in these small villages. Basharat Ahmed Dar, village head of Asnoor is the official Ahmadiyya representative for his village, he seems to be a descendant of Khwaja Abdul Ghaffar Dar. The last two Ahmadi-only villages are Kani pora and Yari pora, both of these villages fall into to the Kulgam district, not much is known of these small and obscure villages. There is also an Ahmadiyya place of worship just north of Rajouri, its called Mosque Dehri Ralyote. This seems to be a new mosque, built in the past 40 years, we are unsure who had it built. There is also an ahmadi place of worship called Masjid Fazl in Poonch, Kashmir, India. We are unsure how many Ahmadi’s are there in the old town area of Poonch. There is also one Ahmadiyya mosque in Srinagar, Kashmir.

A story about Raja Atta Muhammad Khan from Ahmadiyya history
(Tareekh Ahmadiyyat Jamun’o Kashmir by Muhammad Asadullah Kashmiri Pages 27-29)

“”””Hazrat Raja Atta Muhammad Khan Sahib Jaagirdaar (ra) who was from Kashmir was among one of the first few companions of the Promised Messiah (as). There is a faith inspiring incident which took place in his life which is somewhat like this that once as he was returning back to Qadian he reached Gari Habibullah and along with his two friends, he stayed with the leader of the village named Muhammad Hussein Khan. In those days, the opposition against Ahmadiyyat had fueled quite a bit and the local Maulwis had declared that Ahmadis were liable to be killed. The Maulwis said to Muhammad Hussein that you will receive a great reward for killing this Ahmadi. Muhammad Hussein Khan came under their influence and he appointed some of his people to kill all three Ahmadi guests during the night. Raja Atta Muhammad Sahib had no clue about this plan so he went to sleep as usual. It is written that a little while into the night, he saw the Promised Messiah (as) in a dream who said to him that Raja Sahib, plans have been made for your murder. You should leave right now. Thus, he got up, woke up his other friends and quietly left from there during the night. During their journey, they offered their prayers and then saw that the minister of the mayor was running behind them on his horse and that he had brought some food with him. He congratulated Raja Sahib for saving his life and also informed him of the mischief that the Maulwis tried to pull off. He surprisingly asked Raja Sahib as to how he found out about this plan and how did he decide to leave from there? Raja Sahib then relayed the dream that he saw to him.”””

His children
Raja Atta Muhammad Khan had 2 sons, Khwaja Ghulam Muhammad and Raja Abdur Rahman. Raja Abdur Rahman married the daughter of Raja Rahmatullah Khan (jagirdar) of Gouri, which is close to Muzzafarabad, Azad Kashmir, and is close to the border with Pakistan. Raja Rahmatullah Khan was given a jagir that was worth 100,000 rupees in those days, which is lots of money. He was also in full co-operation with the evil Dogra rulers. Raja Rahmatullah Khan was also an early Kashmiri-Ahmadi. Raja Rahmatullah Khan eventually quit Ahmadiyya.

He had been given lots of money and land as part of the 1848 Amritsar Treaty, wherein Dogra Rule was enacted in Kashmir. He got his from Maharaja Gulab Singh.

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