As we all know, Ahmadi’s are fast at getting visit visa’s to Malaysia and then refusing to leave Malaysia and returning to Pakistan. You can read about the history of Ahmadiyya in Malaysia herein. This is an asylum scam that we have exposed many times before. Further, there is no Ahmadi persecution in Pakistan, it is all a big lie, the Mirza family has created this just to get people to join Ahmadiyya and then leave Pakistan for greener pastures. Many Pakistani-Christian groups have complained of this before.

Malaysian govt has requested Pakistan govt to stop qadianis from coming to Malaysia in great number. They do not go back to Pakistan and disappear in Malaysia to apply for political asylum. They are also found involved in crimes. They do so in the hope that they would get asylum in Europe through UNHCR.

On receipt of this letter from Malaysia, the govt of Pakistan has issued a letter directing the FIA Immigration to take action against travel agents involved in this business. They are involved in human trafficking they fabricate false stories of persecution on these Qadianis so as to get the attention of UNHCR.

In this regard, sources in FIA has disclosed the names of Lahore and Chunabnagar based Qadiani agents Zaeem Ahmad Bhutta, Malik Basharat and Abdul Aziz But from Gujrat and M Tariq from Kharian. These human traffickers charge Rs 1 Million to 2 million for their services in this regard.

In Malaysia, the Ahmadiyya Movement is running the same scam.

In terms of Thailand, Pakistani Christian’s have responded to the Ahmadiyya Movement with these videos on the christian asylum seeker youtube channel. George Naz is the guy getting interviewed. T

In terms of Germany, the Ahmadiyya Movement is also running an asylum scam, Samina Khan has exposed them thoroughly.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________(Daily Ummat Karachi 25 December 2019)

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