As Ahmadi’s are celebrating their 100th anniversary in the USA, #100YearMovement. Ironically, they are proudly showing a picture of a female Ahmadi woman who seems to have met U.S. President Gerald Ford in 1974. She seems to have been a congressional candidate for Wisconsin’s 5th district. There is nothing on google about this. Ahmadiyya sources tell us her name was Mubarika Malik. However, we do know that currently, Ahmadi women are not serving any political office in the entire world, in fact, the current Khalifa as strictly told Ahmadi women to not run for office in a roundabout way. As we all know, Ahmadiyya is a political organization with lots of British and US support. In 1931, they opposed Dogra rule in Kashmir and organized boycotts and riots, and with British support. By 1948, they were asked to setup a government for Azad Kashmir by the British and they had an Ahmadi, Ghulam Nabi Glikar to become president/prime minister. The British government took Ahmadiyya all throughout its colonies and gave them government funding to create schools and hospitals, by 1966, an Ahmadi was made as Governor-General of the Gambia. It is also rumored that Zia ul Haq was an Ahmadi..since as soon as he came to power, he allowed Ahmadi’s to pose as Muslim’s again.


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