Pakistani news outlets are reporting that an old Ahmadiyya mosque from the British colonial era has been legally given back to the local Sunni community. Watch this news report on KTV also. As we know, the Mirza family has been playing a sick game of cat and mouse with the Pakistani government, they purposely never removed the Kalima’s and minarets that they were supposed to in 1984. Even this mosque, in #Khrepur #Kasur still has the Kalima on it. They also refuse to demolish their minarets and would rather create an international incident every time they are forced to augment their places of worship. Furthermore, it is unclear how Ahmadiyya spread to Kasur in the first place, since MGA had enemies in #Kasur, one person was Maulavi Ghulam Dastgir, see Haqiqatul Wahy (1906-1907). The Ahmadiyya community at #Kasur seems to be allowed to have Khalifat Jubilee’s and has been worshipping freely. The Ahmadiyya press person from Pakistan is @SaleemudDinAA he has tweeted a biased report as such. Curiously, in 1936, Zafrullah Khan’s brother was Abdullah Khan was Municipal Executive Officer (See “My Mother” by Zafrullah Khan).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The story

The local Sunni community reports that the Mirza family forcibly occupied this mosque 84 years ago in roughly 1916. The details of this mosque remain unknown. Nevertheless, this mosque was in Ahmadi hands from 1916 to 1947 under colonial rule and 1947 to 2020 in Pakistan. However, a few years ago, the local Sunni community filed a case with the local courts and claimed that this mosque had been illegally occupied by #Ahmadis in the colonial era, it had always belonged to the local Sunni community. A few weeks ago, they won the court case, the Ahmadi’s who operate this mosque were legally given notice. Today, the mosque was officially given back to the local Muslim community. Ahmadi news outlets report that this mosque was forcibly given back to the local Sunni community, however, they don’t give details how they initially got ownership and are crying persecution to the international community.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadi’s are on twitter crying persecution

Ahmadi press outlets posted a video wherein a Muslim man is telling the local Muslims to be ready to die for Islam and the cause against #Qadianis. However, #Ahmadis make a similar pledge for their Khalifa, its very ironic.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Kalima was never erased from this mosque

As we all know, Ord-XX passed in 1984, #Ahmadi’s were supposed to remove all the Kalima’s from their mosques, obviously, they never did and were in protest as such and thus, begging for trouble in Pakistan, since they are willfully violating a building code.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________2015, Ahmadiyya politics in #kasur

Kalima erased in Qutba Jora

Qutba Jora, District Kasur; September 14, 2015:   A non-Ahmadi lawyer named Salahuddin submitted an application to the DSP Circle that three Ahmadis, namely Amanullah Sial, Ziaullah Sial and Mujibullah Sial of Qutba Jora, District Kasur are Qadianis and were busy day and night in the propagation of Qadianiyat. The said lawyer also asked the authorities to demolish the minarets of the Ahmadiyya mosque and remove the Quranic verses from the Ahmadi homes and shops in the area. A delegation of the Jamaat, therefore, met the DSP who assured the delegation that he would not allow anyone act against the Jamaat.

However, on September 14, 2015 five policemen along with some men in plain clothes came up to the shop of Amanullah Sial situated at Adda Noorpur and removed Quranic verses from the shutter of his shop. Later, the police and the men went to the Ahmadiyya mosque and demolished the small minarets built over the entrance of the mosque. The said policemen and the plain-clothed men then went up to the house of Amanullah Sial and removed with axes and chisel the Kalima written on the water tank and the front of the house. They took away the broken pieces of the water tank and the front with them to the police station.


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