In 1906, Miyan Mi‘raj-ud-Din Umar of Lahore published 400 copies (See Al-Hakam of 27th July 2018, online edition) of Braheen e Ahmadiyya Part1-2, he seems to have written a short biography of MGA (which compromised the first 4-5 pages of BA1+2 in 1908) wherein he shared a filthy story of how MGA would carry sweets and rocks to clean his excrement, and most of the time, MGA would mix up the pockets and thus eat the sweets mixed in with excrement. His name is also spelled as Mi‘raj-ud-Din. He was not mentioned in the list of first 313 Ahmadi’s (See Dard). He was mentioned as someone who donated to the building of Minaratul Masih in 1901, his name is listed under #56 as Miyan Mi‘raj-ud-Din Umar, Lahore. It was never added to any later edition of the BA.

27 July – 2 August

28 July 1940: Hazrat Miyan Me‘rajuddin Sahib Umarra passed away. He was amongst the progeny of native families of Lahore City. He contributed to the Ahmadiyya literature with books like Sadaqat-e-Maryamiya, Urdu translation of The Crucifixion, by An Eye Witness (Waqia Saleeb key Chashm Deed Halaat) and Almanac of 125 Years (1873-1907). He also had the honour of getting permission from the Promised Messiahas to re-print Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya from his printing press Al Badr. He added a short biography of the Promised Messiahas with it in 1906. Last but not least, he purchased the Ahmadiyya newspaper Badr when its owner and editor, Babu Muhammad Afzal Sahib passed away, hence, this newspaper continued serving the Jamaat under him until 1913.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Supplement to BA1, Vol. 1 by M’erajuddin Umar, page 82, as quoted in “Qadianism, a critical study” by Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi, 6th edition of 1980, online edition

“”This humble slave (the author of BA) has been appointed by the glorious almighty to strive for the reform of God’s creatures and to show to the ignorant the straight path (which leads to true salvation and by following which the light of heavenly existence and of divine pleasure and graciousness can be experienced even in this world) in the manner of the Israelite Prophet of Nazareth (messiah) with utmost humility and self-denial, self-abasement and gentleness. It is for this purpose that Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya has been written, of which 37 parts have been published. Its summary is to be found in the announcement enclosed with this letter. But since the publication of the whole book would require a long time, it has been decided that this letter along with the English announcement should be published and one copy of each sent to the honourable priests of the Punjab, India and England and other countries wherever possible””
The quote about MGA’s nasty habits
(‘See Ahwal.ul-Ghulam, Compiled by Mirajuddin in the supplement to Baraheen-i-Ahmadiyya, Vol. I, p.67)(See also “Qadiyaniat, an Analytical Survey” by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, 21st edition, 1984).

“Ghulam Ahmad loved sugar-candy very much. He also suffered from urinary trouble. He stuffed his pocket with pieces of dry clay (which were used to clean excrement)presuming they were nuggets of sugar-candy. This shows how be relished the candy. Sometimes he gobbled clay-pieces taking them to be sugar”” 
Tahir Abdur Razzaque quoted Miraj ud Din also

In his expose’ of Ahmadiyya, he mentions this very incident (see at the 2:42 mark).
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