He seems to have known MGA since the 1870’s. In Braheen e Ahmadiyya Part1-2, he seems to have written a short biography of MGA wherein he shared a filthy story of how MGA would carry sweets and rocks to clean his excrement, and most of the time, MGA would mix up the pockets and thus eat the sweets mixed in with excrement. This data was originally found as a supplement to BA1+2, however, it was taken out and thus totally erased after the first edition of BA1+2. His name is also spelled as Mi‘raj-ud-Din. He was mentioned in the list of first 313 Ahmadi’s (See Dard). He is mentioned in MGA’s book, “Tohfa-e-Qaisariyyah” (1897) as someone who has donated money to the queen.

The quote 
“Ghulam Ahmad loved sugar-candy very much. He also suffered from urinary trouble. He stuffed his pocket with pieces of dry clay (which were used to clean excrement)presuming they were nuggets of sugar-candy. This shows how be relished the candy. Sometimes he gobbled clay-pieces taking them to be sugar”” (‘See Ahwal.ul-Ghulam, Compiled by Mirajuddin in the supplement to Baraheen-i-Ahmadiyya, Vol. I, p.67)(See also “Qadiyaniat, an Analytical Survey” by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, 21st edition, 1984).

Tahir Abdur Razzaque quoted Miraj ud Din also
In his expose’ of Ahmadiyya, he mentions this very incident (see at the 2:42 mark).

Scans from the first edition of BA1+2

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Hazrat Mian Miraj-ud-Din Umar Sahib (RA)

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