You will see Ahmadi’s lying on social media and claming that chanda is mandatory, that is a farce. When we ask them about what MGA wrote on this topic, they are clueless. As we all know, MGA never paid any Zakat, nor did he ever pay sadaqa (voluntary alms) to any islamic group in all of British-India. We have even fully engaged Ahmadi’s on twitter and answered all of their silly questions, line by line herein on this topic.


MGA threatened all Ahmadi’s as follows:

(Al-Hakm, March 21, 1905)

“This money was given to me by God. I shall not return it to anyone – not even a penny, as I am not accountable to anyone. Anyone who asks me to render account should not give me anything in the future.”

MGA also said
“It is the duty of all my followers to remit some amount out of their earnings. After this announcement, we shall wait for three months. We shall remove from the list of devotees the name of anyone who does not remit a portion of his earnings during these three months.”
(Lauh-ul-Mahdi, P. 1; As reported in Qadiyaniat-An Analytical Survey).

MGA sets up the Wasiyyat system wherein Ahmadi’s who sign up will be forced to pay 10-30% of their massets when they die. After MGA dies, they turned this into 10% per month.

The 2nd Khalifa instituted the Chanda Aam rate of 6.25%
In the 1930’s, the Khalifa instituted “General Chanda” at its rate. The exact date is unknown.


In 1936, the Khalifa said:

“I am not a merchant to keep accounts with me nor am I a treasurer of the community to be asked to render account. I am God’s vicegerent on earth. It is not proper to ask me where I spent the money. Those are truly the believers who gift me their money and afterwards do not question me. It is all the same whether they understand or not. They understand that an objection of this sort will result in the bankruptcy of their faith.” (Published in Al-Fadl, Sept. 19, 1936).


“The ‘Heavenly Graveyard’ is such a central point of this movement and an institution or department of such dimensions that it excels in importance all other departments.” (Al-Fadl, Vol. 24, No. 65, Sept. 15, 1936).

“Once a man from Ludhiana said that we sent donations to Qadian after bearing hardships and misfortunes. These amounts are spent on ornaments and dresses of the wife of Ghulam Ahmad. So what is the use of these donations? When this news reached his holiness, the Promised Messiah, he said it is unlawful for him to send anything to us after what he has said. Then, we shall see what harm it does to us.” (Al-Fadl, August 31, 1938).

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