MGA quietly claimed prophetood in November of 1901. He published the famous announcement called “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala”, which eventually turned into a small booklet. However, in September of 1898, a newly converted Ahmadi came to MGA and shared how he was also getting true dreams and revelations. This prompted MGA to write that over 1 million Muslims had also received true dreams and revelations like MGA. MGA then lied about a hadith, he claimed that there was a hadith and books of earlier prophets (the Bible, Torah and Talmud?) which stated to the effect that during the time of the Messiah, even women and children will be given prophethood. In this book, MGA goes on to further write that the Imam of the age will get a higher level of prophethood than the common folk, then, he asserts that he is that IMAM. A few months later, in 1899, MGA was further diluting the office of prophethood as he claimed that he even thieves, liars, drunkards and fraud’s could attain prophethood.

The english translation of “The Need for the Imam” (2007) vs. the original urdu wording
As usual, the Qadiani-Ahmadi jamaat has played with the translation of many key words as they translated this book into english for the first time in 2006-2007. In Urdu, it is written that “minor children will receive Nubuwwat, however, in the official english translation, they wrote “””minors will make prophecies”””, this is a purposeful mis-translation, they have done this in the past many times, in fact, just recently, in Haqiqatul Wahy, they purposely mis-translated the arabic word “Majaz”.

The official english translation
“””The age of the Promised Messiahas, however, has even greater distinction in that it is recorded in the books of earlier Prophets and Hadith of the Holy Prophetsa that, at the time of his advent, this radiation of spirituality will become so universal that women too will begin to
receive revelations, minors will make prophecies, and ordinary people will be inspired by the Holy Spirit. All this will be a reflection of the spirituality of the Promised Messiahas. This is just like the light of the sun which falls upon a wall and illuminates it, and if the wall is white-washed with lime, it becomes all the more radiant.”””

The urdu scan of that page

Muhammad Ali didn’t mention this quote in 1915
In 1915, Muhammad Ali wrote his famous book, “Prophethood in Islam”, in this book, he neglected to show this quote, and most likely purposely.

The Lahori-Ahmadi translation, published in 2000, omits the word prophethood also
The Lahori-Ahmadi’s translated this book into english 7 years before the Qadiani’s, they also purposely mis-translated the word “Nubuwwat” into prophecy. The famous Zahid Aziz did the translation.

The translation from Zahid Aziz
“””And it is a general law and the way of Allah which is made known to us through the guidance of the Holy Quran and the authentic Hadith, and personal experience has also testified to this
effect. However, in the time of the Promised Messiah, there is, over and above this, a similar quality which is recorded in the Books of the former Prophets and their reports, and that is
that when the Promised Messiah appears, this spiritual diffusion will be so widespread that even women will receive revelation and minors will prophecy and ordinary people will speak under the influence of the Holy Spirit. And all that will be a result of the Imam’s spiritual reflection.”””” (see page 4).

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