MGA quietly claimed prophetood in November of 1901. He published the famous announcement called “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala”, which eventually turned into a small booklet. About a year later, a book which was 99% written in 1899, was also published, its the famous publishing case of “Tiryaq ul Qulub”, this book would be discussed in the split of 1914 and subsequent polemics between the Lahori and Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. Nevertheless, in Tiryaq ul Qulub, MGA gives some weird story wherein he argues that ANYONE can become a Prophet (Nabi) and Messenger (Rasul), even a person with the worst morals. MGA goes on to argue that everyone has the potential to become a prophet or messenger, however, Allah has never done this, nevertheless it is possible (mumkin in urdu). Interestingly, in September of 1898, MGA claimed that in the time of the Messiah, women will also get Ilham’s and children will even get prophethood, which was a total lie, nevertheless, MGA seems to have been laying the ground work for his eventual claim of prophethood. This is the same book wherein MGA claimed that the denier of his Messiah/Mahdi/metaphoric-prophethood was not a Kafir, Kafir’s were only those people who denied law-bearing prophets (which is a lie)._____________________________________________________________________________________________
Page 279
Some brief commentary

MGA is asserting that people will not follow a Wali from a low caste, because they won’t trust him, even though he has the potential to be a muhadis/prophet/messenger. MGA argues, Allah only chooses a Wali, from a good family to be a Muhadas and that person can become a Rasul/Nabi. MGA continues to argue, that this is the way of Allah, that he only chooses someone from a top family to bestow his grace.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Quote typed out

“””For example a choora (low caste) of some nation, meaning some drunkard who has served the pious Muslims of some town for 30-40 years, and also cleaned their dirty sewers, and wiped out the filth from their toilets, and has even been caught stealing 2-3 times and has been caught committing ZINA (sex outside of marriage) a few times, and has been exposed thoroughly and even got locked up and went to prison for some years and even got beat up by the elders of his town for his wild acts and even his mother including his paternal and maternal grandmothers have been involved in such filthy acts as well, and they have all been eating out of he Murdar (animals not slaughtered via the name of Allah) and they all life the excrements of other people. After all of this, it is still possible that after turning to GOD and repenting from his acts, and becomes Muslim again, it is also possible that God out of his grace turns him into a Rasul and a Nabi”””.

“”aik shaks jo kaum ka choora, yanee bungee hai, aur aik ghaun kai shareef musalaman sai thees-chalees saal sai yeh khidmat karta hai, kai do vacat unnke ghurun kee gundee naleeau ko saaf kurnai atta hai, aur unke pakhano kee naijasat utta tha hai, pir aik-do duffa, choree main bee pakra-gayea hai, aur chand duffa zina may be gir fatar ho ker uskee rusvai ho chukee hai, aur chaand saal jail khaana may qayd bee rah-chuka-hai, or chand duffa asai buray kamo per gawn ke numberdaro nay usko jhootay bee maray hain, aur uskee ma or daddeean or naneean humaisha say asay hee najis kaam mushghool rahee hain, aur saaf murdar kaatay aur ghau be uttathay hai, ub khuda talla kee qudrat per khial kar kai mumkin tho hai, ke vo apne kaam-au say thaib ho ker musalman ho jaye, aur pir yay bee mumkin hay kay khuda taala ka asa fazl us per kho kai vo rasul or nabi bee bunjai.”””

Page 280
Aur usse ghaun kay shareef logooa kee taraaf dawat ka pagham lay ker ayee. aur kahi, ke jo shaks tum may se maray attath nay karega, khuda usay jhanum may daale ga. Laykan, bawajud es inkan ke jab se kay dunya padda huee hai, kabee khuda nay asaa nay keea. Kuy kai assa kerna, uskee hikmat aur maslahat ke khilaf hai aur vo janta hai ke logon kay leea, yah eik fauk-ul takkat tokar kee jugga hai. Kay aik assa shaks jo pusht dar pusht razeel chala ata hai aur logon kee nazar main na siraf vo neech hai, balke uska baap or daada aur per-dada aur jan tuk malhoom hai, kaum ke neech hai. Aur humashay say, shareer aur budkar hotay chalay ain hain.

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