Dear readers, we have come across the testimony of a young Ahmadi girl from the UK wherein she explains how she was sexually assaulted at the Khailun-lir-Rahman riding club, which is at the Ahmadiyya property in Islamabad, Farnham a small town in Surrey. She claims that she was sexually assaulted by the horse-riding teacher, who is an Ahmadi for 2 years. She came out to the police and the case has been under investigation for about a year now. In that period, a number of other girls from the Jamaat have also come forward to speak about their experiences of abuse with the same instructor. The official website for this school has been shut down, it was Instagram page – – or email them on This is nothing new from the Mirza family, even Bashir Ahmad Misri accused Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud of sexual assault in Qadian, which led to an Ahmadi murdering Fakhr-ud-Din Multani in 1937. Such incidents have been rampant in Rabwah as well where minors have been assaulted by khuddam etc etc. But jamaat there brushes it under very well.nor do People dare to speak about it because it’s a taboo ironically whilst under the observation and knowledge of Amoomi, but in highly complex and Conservative societies In the Subcontinent such things are still taboo despite lots of Effort by State and Social activists to highlight the wrath of innocent minors subject to thirst of Sexually Frustrated, Perverts who have Usually been abused in their past by someone.

Well almost a year ago they did Nab a Food vendor who was caught red handed luring a minor girl into maintaining intimate relationship, filmed the acts and blackmailed her in return for sexual favours and money even then he later had a breaking when she maybe chose to speak he upload their Videos on all major porn hosting websites (Yes this happened in Rabwah) The girls family Brought in civil administration police and Everything but Jamaat wanted to mask their Respect so they held the guy in their captivity

Connecting the threads to subcontinent and Punjabi society angle is very relevant in such Problems because they form the basis of why such heinous crimes don’t surface.(Even Jamaat and it’s people are a My friend Leave no stone Unturned make sure this gets heard. Mirza Nasir had advised Ahmadi’s to buy horses in anticipation of WW-3, see herein.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Her testimony

Hello everyone,

I have been following and reading this page for a while, but have now had the courage to make and account and join in on the conversation.

I decided to leave Ahmadiyyat and Islam exactly a year ago, and its been a tough journey ever since I was a young girl. I would love to share my story in the upcoming days if thats alright. ]

But for now I am just calling for some help. For those ahmadis living outside the UK, you may be unaware that for quite some years, the Jamaat had a horseriding school in Islamabad, which was funded by the Jamaat (I am presuming through Chanda). I was a regular horse rider there. Unfortunately, the instructor of the riding school did not turn out to be a good man and as a child, he earned my trust and sexually abused me for 2 years before I had the courage to leave.

I have never been allowed to speak about this, but now I really think it is about time. I came out to the police and the case has been under investigation for about a year now. In that period, a number of other girls from the Jamaat have also come forward to speak about their experiences of abuse with the same instructor. However many of these girls, understandably, do not feel they can make a statement or testify due to culture, family, marriage prospects etc.

I want to send a message out, imploring any one who had any negative experience at the riding school to please come forward to the police or contact me. I would really really appreciate it.

Some of you may be curious about the jamaat’s involvement in this. I know very little and do not want to misinform. The horse-riding school has been shut down, I believe due to the complaints of a young girl one year prior to me coming out about the abuse, however the case was never legally prosecuted. A part of me is very angry at the safeguarding of the club, since it was run and funded by the jamaat. Nevertheless, abuse happens everywhere and full blame cannot be attributed to anyone but the individual perpetrator.

This post is just a final desperate plea for anyone who knows anything to pls come forward.
Khailun-lir-Rahman riding club

It offers free riding lessons with trained instructors and beautiful, healthy horses. As a non-profit organisation, its goal is to offer horse riding skills and horse care skills to everybody of all ages. The organisation was started on the 17th July 2011, by the present Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and hopes that more people take advantage of this amazing opportunity.


Mirza Nasir Ahmad and horses

Mirza Nasir Ahmad (r.a.) was an excellent rider and had a passion for horses too. So much so that he created the riding school named Khailun-Lir-Rahman (i.e. Horses in the service of Allah) in Rabwah, Pakistan in the early 1970s. Mirza Nasir Ahmad owned many horses himself and some of their names were “Lubna”, “Naseem Bakht” and “Ward”.
A pic from 2015

An Ahmadi posted this pic on twitter.  Horse riding in Islamabad #Tilford #Islamabad

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Introduction to The Riding School

UK: Free Horse riding School “Khailun-lir-Rahman riding club” in Surrey by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

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