Molvi Imam-ud-Din (died in 1930-33) brought Ahmadiyya to Goleki, Pakistan. He seems to have ursurped a mosque in Goleki from the local Muslim community and made it an Ahmadiyya mosque during British rule. His grandson is not an Ahmadi these days. He seems to have brought Ahmadiyya to Goleki in the 1920’s, he returned to Qadian in 1928. He visited Qadian at did MGA’s bait before 1908. His son was the famous Ahmadi Zahir ud Din Akmal. Zahir ud Din Akmal suffered from tuberculosis (TB). MGA told him to feed his son some of his (MGA’s left over food), and this would solve his sons TB problem. Molvi Imam-ud-Din (also spelled as Maulana Imam ud Din) did exactly that, he took the leftover food of MGA, wrapped it up and took it to his son, and reported that his son totally recovered. Noorudin Ajmal was the other brother. Maulana Imam ud Din had 2 sons.

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