In 1905, MGA had a revelation of his published in his newspaper the Al-Badr wherein he described meeting an angel named Tichi Tichi. By 1907, MGA gave an explanation of this incident via Haqiqatul Wahy. However, this issue still haunts Ahmadi’s to this day. This is an embarrassing event in the history of Ahmadiyya. There were other strange angels who interacted with MGA, like Mithal Lal, Darshani, Khairati, Ayal or Ail, Sher Ali, and Hafeez.

MGA claimed to be surrounded by angels all the time, he even called himself as as having Ruhul-Qudus (1891), in fact, his famous Khutbah ilhamiya was a situation wherein MGA claimed that his tongue was taken over by Gabriel.

Notebook of the Revelations of MGA, p. 39; and al-Hakam, vol. 9, no. 10, March 24, 1905, p. 2 and Review of Religions, vol. 4, no. 3, March 1905, via the 2018 online edition of Tadhkirah, just search the word Tichi.

“”””””””””March 3, 1905
On the night prior to Friday March 3, 1905, at 1:35 a.m. I saw in my dream that I was facing lack of money and other great difficulties and was very anxious. I asked someone to draw up an Income and Expenditure Statement but no one paid any heed to what I had said. I saw someone who was preparing a statement of accounts and I recognised him as Lachhmi Das, who was at one time Accounts Clerk in the Treasury at Sialkot. I tried to call him but he too did not come and ignored me. I felt that there was a large shortfall and there seems to be no way to make it up. In the meanwhile, I saw a righteous person of simple mien, simply clad who poured a handful of money into my lap and left so quickly that I could not even ask his name. But there was still a shortfall. Then another righteous person came whose face was lit up and who was also of simple appearance and who resembled a sufi of Kotla, who is probably named Karam Ilahi or Fadl Ilahi. He gave us some money by selling his shirt. He had the appearance of a human being but he seemed to belong to a different creation. He filled both his hands with money and poured it into my lap. This made a lot of money. I inquired his name and he said: What is there in a name? I have no name. I urged him to tell me his name and he said: Tichi. I was deeply moved that there are people in our Jama‘at who contribute so generously and do not disclose their names. Then I said: He was not a man. He was an angel. When I saw a lot of money in front of me, I said: Out of it, I shall give to Manzur Muhammad’s wife, for she is in need. It was 1:35 a.m. when I saw this dream.””
Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, pages 417-418

“”147. [One Hundred Forty-Seventh] Sign—Once in March 1905, owing to sparse income, the budgetary position of the Langar Khanah [Community Kitchen] was rather lean; guests were coming in multitudes but its income was comparatively meagre. Therefore, supplication was made. On 5 March 1905, I saw in a dream that a person who appeared to be an angel, came in front of me and put a large sum of money in my lap. I asked his name. He said there was no name. I said he must have some name after all. He said his name was Tichi. In Punjabi, tichi means ‘appointed time’ or ‘the one who comes exactly at the time of need’. Thereupon I woke up.
After that, by God’s grace, monetary donations poured in by post and by hand in such great abundance as was beyond expectation and imagination. Thousands of rupees were received. Anyone interested inverifying this only has to review the postal record from 5 March 1905
through the end of the year; he will see how much money was received. It should be borne in mind that this is the way of God Almighty with me that most of the time He informs me beforehand through revelation or dream when I am about to receive cash or presents etc. Signs of this kind must number more than 50,000.”””

In Rohhani Khazain Volume 22 page 346
“””mirza writes on 5 March 1905 I saw in a dream that an angle came to me and he offered me a lot of money. I asked his name he replied there is no name. I asked there must be some name. He replied my name is Teechi Teechi…..
When he asked first time why angel lied that there is no nmae name… If he had no name why he told TEECHI TEECHI”””


            “I saw an angel who was in the form of a twenty years old young man. He looked like a British and was sitting in a chair with a table in front. I said to him: “You are very beautiful”. He said: “Yes, my name is Darshani

(Tazkira, P: 31)


            “Three angels appeared. The name of one of them was Khairati

(Taryaq ul Qulub, P: 192)

Mithan Lal:

            “I dreamt of Mithan Lal, who once was an assistant in Batala, sitting on a chair and surrounded by his staff. I gave him a paper to sign it that was meant for a friend of mine. He signed it with hesitation. The Mithan Lal that I dreamt of was in fact, an angel”

(Tazkira, P: 515)

Sher Ali:

“In a revealed state I saw a man who seemed to me an angel, but while in dream I felt that his name was Sher Ali”

(Tazkira, P: 31)


“In a dream, I met an angel who was in the form of a small boy. I asked him what his name was. He replied, “My name is Hafeez

(Tazkira, P: 757)

A Kind Angel:

“In a state of revelation, an angel came to me and said, “People are deserting you”. I took him aside and said, “People are deserting me but will you too desert me?” He said, “We are with you”

(Anwar ul Islam. P: 52)

The Angels having sweet loaves of bread:

Doctor Syed Abdul Sattar Shah states that the Messiah e Maud (Promised Christ) has said, “Near this minaret two angels came before me who had two loaves of bread. They gave that bread to me and said, “One is for you and the other is for your disciples”

(Seerat e Mehdi, Part: 3, P:263 by Mirza Bashir Ahmad)

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