As early as 1882-1884, MGA was denying the miracles of Eisa (as). In 1890-1891, MGA argued that the prophets of Allah didn’t have any miracles. Their miracles were actually the prophets practicing magic. Ghulaam falsely claimed himself to be a prophet and therefore this is his implicit admission that he too used to practise magic like he falsely claimed of the rest of the prophets. Ghulaam was projecting. Furthermore, Allaah denies this slander explicitly in the Qur-aan as this was the slander against the prophets like Eesaa AS and Sulaymaan AS that the Jews used to smear. And Moosaa AS was accused by Fir’awn of being a magician, in his own projection. And in general, Satanist sorcery is considered apostasy in both Islaam & Judaism. One of the punishments in early Judaism for this is death penalty by crucifixion. Magic is what they accused Eesaa AS of, among other things.

If someone wants to argue that Ghulaam was only saying that because he had no miracles of his own (and there is a degree of truth to that) then I respond by saying that though they may not be understood as miracles, he claimed things for himself that were still miraculous in their nature. Such as receiving revelation from God (see more below).


  1.   He claimed he was visited regularly by angels (satans) who allegedly informed him of many things from the unseen. It were they who told him he was chosen by their God (Iblees) as a prophet. Insert reference.

Ibn Taymiyah in An-Nubuwwaat p704 says that “…the difference between a prophet and a sorcerer is greater than the difference between the night and the day. The prophet is visited by an angel from Allaah and the sorcerer/saahir or the kaahin (one who claims to receive information from the unseen) has with him a satan who instructs him and brings him information. Allaah said in 26.222 “should I tell you unto whom the satans descend? They descend upon every lying sinner. They pass on whatever (little) they overheard (from the angels who received God’s instruction pertaining to God’s decree) and most of them (satans) are liars (in that they add a hundred lies to the one truth they snatched by overhearing)”…so the Qur-aan is sent from Allaah through a noble messenger Jibreel, it is not from the shaytaan…”

This and the many passages in the Qur-aan confirm that the masses knew that the people that normally bring information pertaining to the unseen, are those that communicate with devils (and these people are sorcerers/satanists). Therefore, the one making claims about the unseen or the future, or distant history…are either getting this from shaytaan or from Allaah through an angel. The two of these can be easily know apart from one another by testing the truthfulness of these claims and verifying it, and the honesty of the claimant. Because satans only inform and descend on liars. And Ghulaam is a proven liar whilst the messenger SAS is a proven saadiq and ameen. Ghulaams claims were demonstrably false, they didn’t check out and always failed.

  1.   Claimants of being Jesus are uncountable and fill up the mental institutions around the world. Most of them tell of having been informed by an (un)holy ghost they are Jesus. Perfectly sane Christians often tell of this same account. That they voluntarily took the ghost into themselves (jinn possession). Or that they have the ‘holy spirit’ with them (if it doesn’t possess them). Ghulaam made such claims too except his ‘angels’ were called Tichi Tichi. Their gods were called Yalash, Mithan Lal and Kala.

In Judeo-Christianity, Lucifer/Iblees is a ‘fallen angel’ and with him fell 2000 other ‘angels’. This is proof that these Satanists always considered the devils to be angels. In 34.40, Allaah will ask the angels on the day of judgement “Did these people used to worship you (angels)?…Rather, they used to worship the jinn, most of them believed in them (satans).”

  1.   Ghulaam was one of the many Dajjaals that the prophet Muhammad SAS foretold us about, that they would emerge after him all claiming prophethood but that he SAS is the last of the prophets and there can be no prophet after him. Al-Maseeh Ad-Dajjaal is the chief of the false claimants. And he is reported as using black magic to deceive people into believing that he performs the miracles of ‘Eesaa AS. This relates to point 1. Al-Maseeh Ad-Dajjaal exactly like Ghulaam, will claim he is a prophet of Allaah, that he is ‘Eesaa ibn Maryam. Fir’awn was famous for employing the services of the magicians and he also claimed to be God. Al-Maseeh Ad-Dajjaal will also claim to be Allaah. And Ghulaam made similar claims that he was God albeit in more subtle ways, by first introducing this concept in his writings that he had ‘prophetic visions’ where he and God had fused together, that the essence of God was coursing through him, he saw God creating the heavens and the earth whilst in this state, that God told him that he was the son of God. (Same as the Christians did. That Jesus was divine and that he was God incarnate). Ghulaam likely died before he could make the full and explicit claim that he was God himself. (He always introduced these concepts gradually over a period of a number of years. First denying being a prophet and affirming that no prophet can come after Muhammad SAS and that Jesus PBUH is alive in the firmaments. Then claiming that he was only the Mahdi foretold by the messenger SAS, and that anyone claiming he is a prophet of Allaah is a liar. Then upgrading it to say that Jesus is actually permanently dead and that a dead man cannot return from death and therefore the one foretold of coming at the end of time was himself Ghulaam. He baselessly argued that the hadeeths only foretold of one to resemble Jesus as coming near to the end of time and won’t actually be Jesus the son of Mary. And that this resemblance was none other than himself LOL.)
  2.   In the time of the prophet Muhammad SAS, a Jewish boy by the name of Ibn Sayyaad also claimed prophethood and he was confirmed in hadith literature that he was only but a magician. 
  3.   Ghulaam instructed his followers to read some verses and blow into some lentil seeds and then to cast these seeds into a specific well (the Jewish sorcerers who cast spells on the prophet Muhammad SAS also threw it into a well) and to flee from that site without looking back. This was to cause death to one of his opponents. Insert reference.
  4.   He wrote out a paragraph of random numbers and said that only those who know our secrets can understand what is written therein. Numerology is a well-known practice in the occult. They often use it as code for concealing blasphemies and glorifications of shaytaan. Insert reference.
  5.   He used to make curses of death against his rivals and gave specific instances of how their deaths must occur and when it would happen, as proofs that he is a prophet of God. He wrote out pages upon pages of the same curse, a practice of magic more commonly known today as ‘manifesting’. And these curses to kill or sicken his rivals obviously failed as magic is known to have a high rate of failure. Magicians admit to this. Insert references for Ghulaam claims.

Deal with the claim he was insane and possessed.

Hadeeths do not tell you that the dajjaals kazhhaabs are insane or victims of sorcery and possession. Claimants of prophethood like Ibn Sayyaad the magician and Musaylimah and others were never given this excuse.

Mad people are hospitalised and given clinical diagnosis. Ghulaam was never diagnosed of such.

Masses of people do not follow a religion of a genuinely mad person. Madmen do not formulate a religion in their name nor do they write numerous books on that subject.

The insane person is excused and blameless. Allaah and his messenger would never institute the death penalty for dajjaals if they were blameless sick people.

That there is a huge difference between a) the one who is a victim of black magic possessed or bewitched by a sorcerer, as compared to b) the magician who voluntarily and willingly takes on the devil into himself, or communicates with them and befriends them, benefits from their services, etc etc. B did the crime against A. Both must not be equated. A always hates their condition and seeks treatment to be rid of their condition. B does not do this. B normally claims to be a wali of Allaah. Claims piety and closeness to God. Most Satanists use such disguises in the respective communities they embed in. In our community, they must use this cover story as they know very well that Satanism and sorcery carries the death penalty.

In non-Muslim communities, they brand themselves as hypnotherapists, practitioners of CBT. Others are ‘Shamans’. Others are palm readers, fortune tellers, mediums, astrologers, necromancers, seances, tarot card readers etc etc.

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