Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was an opium addict. When he was growing up, his teachers took opium, so did Noorudin, Sarwar Shah and mostly all of MGA’s inner circle, aka his team, MGA even gave pure opium to Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad when he was just an infant.

Side effects of Opium is crazy dreams
It is a medical fact, that if anyone takes opium, they will have crazy dreams, this explains all of MGA’s dreams that were recorded. It must be noted that most of the controversial dreams/visions of MGA were deleted by MGA’s team. However, my team has uncovered yet another dream from an old biography of MGA.

The dream
“”Peer Sirajul Haq a close associate of MGAQ in his book Tazkiratul Mahdi at page No. 47 part 1, writes that once he had a dialogue with Mir Nasir Nawab. I told him the correct word is peer e peeran (biggest peer) not peeran e peer. Then He says he went to Hazrat sb (MGAQ) for routine matter, hazrat sb, MGAQ told him that once at night i was lying at the veranda of my house I saw a malkooti Kashf (angel site) that many angels wearing beautiful dresses, were orbiting around me singing and dancing. The angels were orbiting around me in a way that each angel, while passing in front of me, does extend his arm pointing toward me and reciting verse from the poetry and the last line of poetry ends at word peer e peeran.””

The scan work