Watch my video on this here. The Mirza family only cares about asylum cases. Thus, every time an Ahmadi is shot in Pakistan, they are taught to call it a religious crime. There is no evidence on this murder having any connection with the religion of Dr. Tahir Ahmed (age 31), in fact, his name is Dr. Tahir Mehmood, Saleem ud Din got it wrong initially. None at all. However, just like the 4-5 other murders of Ahmadi’s in the past 6 months, the Mirza family ordered the Ahmadi press to call it persecution, or call it related to the victims being an Ahmadi.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Dr. Tahir Mehmood was not persecuted in his life. He was able to go to college and get hired as a Doctor. Thus, disproving the Ahmadiyya claim that Ahmadi’s are being persecuted in Pakistan.

Ahmadi’s claim that Muslims and Pakistani’s are being punished for rejecting the prophethood of MGA. However, it seems the opposite, look at what is happening to Ahmadi’s in Pakistan? They have been totally humiliated. Furthermore, Ahmadi’s love the persecution and call it a sign of their truthfulness. SMH.

A new fact has emerged on 11-29-20, it seems that Tahir Mehmood went to Russia to become a doctor or some type of advanced educational opportunity. A famous Ahmadi heart surgeon in the USA, Khalid Minhas also went to the same university, @minhaskh, he works in Florida, at the Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The story

A doctor was shot dead (age 31), while his father and two uncles were injured when a Pakistani boy opened fire on them as soon as they walked out of their house on Juma in Murh Balochan at Nankana Sahib, some 80 km from Lahore.
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